Russian Good Delivery Bars 2023 Update

Author: Connor Campbell - Bullion & Economics Editor

Published: 25 May 2023

Last Updated: 26 May 2023


Delve into the pivotal role of LBMA Good Delivery Lists in London's esteemed precious metals market. Discover the importance of adherence to economic sanctions, the recent suspension of Russian refiners, and proactive measures to maintain credibility. Engage with expert insights and unlock the path towards renewed trust.

Key Takeaways

  • The LBMA Good Delivery Lists play a critical role in establishing credibility in London's precious metals market.
  • Adhering to relevant economic and trade sanctions lists is mandated by the LBMA Member Rules to preserve the integrity of the market.
  • Failure to comply with sanctions lists can result in immediate expulsion from membership.
  • GDL Refiners have distinct obligations outlined in the LBMA Good Delivery Rules
  • The recent suspension of Russian refiners raises concerns about the credibility of Russian Good Delivery Bars.
  • The suspension of Russian refiners has significant consequences for their operations, limiting their global market access and damaging their reputation.

Overview of the Russian Good Delivery Bars Update

The LBMA Good Delivery Lists for Gold and Silver are fundamental to establishing credibility in London's esteemed market. Given that discerning and prosperous participants rely on these standards, it becomes crucial to tackle any challenges that may arise concerning the integrity of gold and silver bars in circulation.

The LBMA plays a crucial role in promoting transparency and building trust in the market by overseeing production details. Recent events have led to the suspension of six Russian refiners due to strict sanctions. Notably, Polyus PJSC and Polymetal JSC, the Russian branch of Polymetal International Plc, have received significant attention. In light of the decisive measures taken by the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, it is essential for all market participants to consider the extensive implications and shared responsibilities involved.

Compliance with Economic/Trade Sanctions Lists

Preserving the market's integrity requires strict adherence to the relevant economic and trade sanctions lists, as explicitly mandated by the LBMA Member Rules. These lists encompass reputable organisations such as the UN, EU, UK, and US. Failure to comply with these sanctions lists can result in immediate expulsion from membership, emphasising the seriousness of the situation.

GDL Refiners' Obligations under LBMA Good Delivery Rules

Apart from complying with economic and trade sanctions lists, GDL Refiners have a specific set of obligations defined by the LBMA Good Delivery Rules. These rules require a rigorous commitment to the UN, EU, US, UK, or any other relevant economic and trade sanction lists. By adhering to these obligations, gold and silver bars achieve the highest level of excellence, free from any association with entities involved in activities that oppose the established norms of the international community.

Implications and Potential Actions

The recent suspension of Russian refiners raises valid concerns about the credibility of Russian Good Delivery Bars. These sanctions have the potential to undermine the trust and confidence that the discerning market places in these bars. To address these concerns and maintain the impeccable integrity of the market, we can consider the following proactive actions:

1. Transparency and Communication: Ensuring transparency in the process and effectively communicating any developments or changes related to Russian Good Delivery Bars can help alleviate concerns and maintain open dialogue with investors.

2. Exacting Due Diligence: Conducting thorough due diligence on the refiners and their supply chains to verify compliance with regulations and sanctions lists is essential. This diligent approach can provide reassurance to investors regarding the authenticity and integrity of the bars.

3. Collaborative Engagement with Regulatory Authorities: Establishing collaborative relationships with regulatory authorities, such as the LBMA, UN, EU, UK, and US, can foster a cooperative environment for addressing any challenges or potential risks associated with Russian Good Delivery Bars. This engagement ensures a collective effort in upholding market standards and mitigating any negative impact caused by sanctions.
By implementing these proactive measures, we can safeguard the trust and confidence of investors in the face of concerns related to the suspension of Russian refiners and maintain the market's integrity.

Potential Repercussions for the Suspended Russian Refiners

The suspension of Russian refiners from the LBMA Good Delivery Lists has significant implications for their operations. It restricts their ability to access the global market and tarnishes their previously impeccable reputation. To restore their prestige and credibility, these refiners need to take proactive steps. This includes resolving concerns related to sanctions in a cooperative manner and demonstrating unwavering commitment to complying with international norms. By actively addressing the factors that led to their suspension, Russian refiners can gradually regain their position on the esteemed Good Delivery Lists. This will help rebuild trust and confidence among discerning market participants.

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