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Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 21 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Could Chard of Blackpool do the impossible and win the 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year award for the fourth time running?

Could you help Chard of Blackpool do the impossible and win the 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year award for the fourth time running? We're reaching out to you, we need your help - and your vote!

Chard are Going for Gold in the 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year Awards

Unlike previous years, this year we're up against two of the big guys and two smaller companies like ourselves. We've all got our special qualities and each have a loyal band of customers. Each year, the competition has grown in rivalry and this year more than ever before, each finalist is determined to win the title. So, why should you vote for Chard?

Who Is Chard and What Do You Do?

Not everyone knows who we are or what what we do. We could go on for hours but we've tried to keep it short...

LC on bike in Blackpool

Lawrence Chard started Chard in 1964 - he was only just 15! After earning pocket money sorting out pennies at his Grandma's amusement arcade on Blackpool's Golden Mile, Lawrence soon realised that he could make more in dealing in dated coins. He opened a small shop in Dale Street and dedicated his life to becoming an expert numismatist. As gold bullion became popular, Lawrence made sure that investors had plenty of coins to choose from.

From bullion to collector coins, foreign and British, old and modern, our strong-rooms at Chard are like treasure chests. Whether you are looking for low premium investment bullion or the elusive rare coin, Chard have something for everyone.

In 2014, we moved to a new showroom - purpose built, modern and high tech where you are welcome to come and see exactly what you are buying and giving you peace of mind. Our Blackpool showroom is home to the UK’s widest range of bullion and collectable coins which attracts customers from all four corners of the world. 

Our websites are crammed full of award winning bullion and numismatic information and a favourite source for coin collectors and investors. We have over 20,000 different types of coins which attract buyers from all over the world. Recently, Chard added secure storage to their facilities so now our customers can sleep safely knowing that their gold and silver is fully insured and protected at a relatively low price – much cheaper than adding it to your home insurance. 

Meet The Chard Team


We are proud of our Blackpool roots and the team all have strong ties with Britain's favourite seaside resort. We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in making sure our customers requirements are understood and fully met. Whether you are looking to invest £10 or a million, you can be guaranteed of a warm welcome and an investment that will meet your individual requirements. The team are knowledgeable and are keen to ensure that customers get the best deal for their money. We aim to go above and beyond expectations and love to fulfil customer's wish lists.

What Our Customers Say About Chard

Our customers are the lifeblood of Chard. Many of them have been with Chard for years and years and you could say that we have grown together. All our customers, old and new, local or international are important to us. Whether you are spending a few pounds or millions, you are guaranteed of a warm welcome and great customer service. Here are some of the things that our customers say about us:

"I appreciate the time you and the team at Chard have given me over this order, via email, phone and the chat feature on your site. Great customer service! It's refreshing to see a company that listens to their customers when they say, "Please check all of the coins to ensure they're not scuffed or damaged". I know a lot of bullion dealers that sell coins simply see coins for their bullion value and often as a result, their products suffer and they tell their customer that scuffs and damage doesn't effect their bullion value! As a collector, whilst bullion value is important, I think buying coins in the best possible condition will only help the investment appreciate further in later years. Based on the selection of coins that I have received from yourselves to date, I am really happy to have found Chard through my online research."

"Thank you so much for shipping this product to me. I am delighted with it. Bullion dealer of the year(s) upheld. No doubt! I have placed several orders over the past few months and the quality has been excellent. Thank you."

"My experience to date with you has been great and I’m really happy with the professionalism of your team."

"Hi, I was so pleased with my last order I decided to order some more! Thanks for the excellent packing too. I know the coins I have ordered from you will be in capsules, so they’re extra protected."

"Thanks for the speedy shipping of the coin I ordered, loved the chocolate coin included and will be ordering again."

"Just dropping you a note to say a big thank you for sending me some coin photos a few days ago. I have just received all eleven 20 franc Roosters and I love them! Your efficient actions secured the sale, and also have guaranteed my vote for Chards in 2018."

"These guys are really good helping beginners out. When I lived in the UK and started out investing as a beginner, they were patient and helped me out a lot. Much recommended!"

"Thanks for all your interesting info and for the splendid service whenever I order anything. . . . . . and yes, I voted for you a bullion dealer of the year!"

"I would like to thank the staff at Chard for their service in handling a problem I had with a coin .This company has a great customer service and for anyone purchasing coins this is where to go .I have been dealing with Chard for many years now and I highly recommend them ,and understand this is why the win Bullion dealer of the year ,there isn't a company I know that can match them in price or customer service .I vote Chard and I hope they win again".

The saying that 'You're only as good as your last performance' is a maxim that we use every day. Customers are like gold, they are to be treasured and looked after.

Please Take A Moment To Vote For Chard

So, could Chard be crowned the UK Bullion Dealer of the Year for the fourth time? Well, it's a tough ask and we will need your help.

If you would like to VOTE for CHARD, please click the link here.


Voting closes for the 2018 Bullion Dealer of the Year competition at midnight on Friday 23rd February

If you have already voted for us, we would like to say a very big THANK YOU.

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