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Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 21 Feb 2017

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Chard are in the final of the 2017 Bullion Dealer of the Year competition. We're reaching out to you - we need your help, and your vote.

Chard are in the Final of the 2017 Bullion Dealer of the Year competition

We're reaching out to you - we need your help, and your vote.


Vote for CHARD


Our team are in the final of the 2017 Bullion Dealer of the Year competition. The award is hosted by the Bullion.Directory in recognition of the world’s leading bullion dealers. Out of over 104 companies listed in the UK, we have reached the final of the UK category and we're as proud as punch. We're up against four big dealers in London but, we believe with your help, we can win. We've been voted UK Bullion Dealer of the Year for the last two years, last year by less than 1%, but we are eternally optimistic and won't give up without giving it our all.

If you are thinking, well who are they? Here is a brief look at who we are and what we do in the company.

Chard - Coin and Bullion Dealer

From a humble start, Chard have developed into the largest privately owned coin and bullion dealer in the UK. We are one of the few dealers who have a physical presence and we welcome customers to come and visit us in our Blackpool showroom.  

With over 50 years experience in the coin and bullion trade we know our stuff, although every day we learn something new! Our team are fully trained in all aspects of buying and selling coins and bullion and are always happy to help. We stock an enormous range of bullion from mints all over the world, both modern and historic issues which appeals to investors and collectors alike. We are constantly evolving and your input helps us to shape our future. 


Who We Are 

Lawrence Chard with his daughter, Juliana Chard

Lawrence and Juliana Chard, Numismatists

Lawrence started the family run business over 53 years ago after discovering that he could make more by selling key date coins to collectors than he could by sorting pennies at his grandma's amusement arcade. Lawrence, is a walking encyclopedia of coin knowledge, every day he teaches us more facts about numismatics and bullion. He swears that he's 29 but something doesn't add up, as his daughter is older than he is.

Juliana, his daughter, joined the company two years ago and is a keen numismatist who is bringing many modern changes to help us to compete with our larger competitors. She has just gone on maternity leave with instructions to grow more staff!


Caroline, Office Manager

Caroline, Office Manager
Has been with Chard for 13 years. Keeps us all in order, currently growing more staff!


Rochelle, Assistant Manager

Rochelle, Assistant Manager
General superwoman & office practical joker, the 'Naughty One'.


 Hilary, Jewellery Manager

Hilary, Jewellery Manager
Hils celebrated her 25th anniversary with Chard in 2016 and is our jewellery expert. We buy and sell jewellery as well as making bespoke items for those special occasions. 


Lizzie, Marketing Lead

Lizzie, Marketing Lead
Gets us noticed - from Lancashire to Japan! Lizzie is a regular on John 'Gilly' Gillmore's BBC Radio Lancashire show discussing the latest coin and bullion news.


Amy, Procurement

Amy, Procurement
Amy is in charge of purchasing all new stock, she knows all the info on the latest releases. 



Lesley, Admin Team leader

 Lesley, Admin Team leader
Rules us with a rod of steel & a beaming smile. 


Georgina, Accounts

Georgina, Accounts
Keeps the bank accounts healthy and the money cogs rolling.


Serena, Administration

Serena, Administration
Whizzes through your orders and has an eagle eye for detail.


Bhumika, Administration

Bhumika, Administration
Our newest member of the admin team. Bhumika has fitted in perfectly and is one of our front line team.


Duncan, IT

Duncan, IT
Lawrence's son and technical wizard. If there's a problem with the website, he's on it in a flash.


Ian, Data Analyst

Ian, Data Analyst
Ian is bringing us up to the 21st century. He has implemented all sorts of new systems and is our data guru.

There are a few more to add as soon as we get some more photos.


What We've Been Up To This Year

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working hard to improve our service both online and in the showroom.

We've recently negotiated better deals from our distributors on our most popular ranges and we've passed them straight onto you. Behind the scenes, we've introduced a new database and product control system - it is a work in progress as we have over 20,000 product lines which all need to be added.

Our new website went live last year - at last you can order gold and silver on the same website! We're currently on stage 3 and are looking forward to implementing stage 4 in the months ahead. Your comments, suggestions and complaints helped us to tailor the new site to your needs and requirements. One of your requests was to keep the amount of numismatic information that is on our old sites - this will be added in the form of downloadable free ebooks in the future. We hope that you are finding that chards.co.uk is much easier to use and navigate, our aim is to make your shopping experience easier and more efficient. Tweaks are being made all the time, so if you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected].
If you like what we do, please cast your VOTE FOR CHARDwe promise it will be quick and painless. Every vote will take us closer to our goal. Please also share with your friends and family. 


Vote for CHARD


Voting closes for the 2017 Bullion Dealer of the Year competition at midnight on Friday 24th February

If you have already voted for us, we're sending you a very big THANK YOU.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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