Proof Gold Coins at Bullion Prices

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 22 Jun 2018

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Chards is giving you a chance to invest in collector coins at bullion prices. Click to find out which gold proof coins we have on offer at 1.75-3% premium.

Invest in Something Different

We know that when most people look to invest they will go for the usual suspects, Krugerrands, British sovereigns, and gold Britannia's. There is nothing wrong with that, but some investors want something different, either in addition to or instead of, purely bullion coins. With bullion, the majority of the time you are faced with the same design each year. Chards are giving you the opportunity to invest in collectable commemorative coins at bullion prices so there is no need to invest in BORING BULLION if you do not want to. 

We are able to offer you these special deals because, at any given time, we always have excess stock of something. Every week we run a surplus stock report, and the top 10 to 15 items usually total more than £1 million worth, even at intrinsic metal value. Some of this excess occurs when someone sells us a relatively large quantity of something, but some of our excess stock accumulates over a period of time. Fifty years of experience has taught us that the best way to manage this is to offer it to our own investor and collector customers. 

Royal Mint Gold Coins

The Royal Mint has produced legal tender coins for the United Kingdom for over 1100 years. Each year they will release coins for circulation as well as collectable coins for numismatists to commemorate or celebrate a historical event. They produce coins in base metal, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. 

Many gold and silver commemorative coins are issued with a high proof finish, complete with a presentation box and certificate of authenticity. When newly issued they do carry a high premium (sometimes 100% or more) over the intrinsic value (silver or gold content). Some "new issue" coins can be much sought after with some issues having low mintage figures. We usually advise investors to avoid buying expensive new issue commemorative coins, but there are often bargains to be found on the secondary market. 

The most recent gold £5 crowns cost £1,980 direct from the Royal Mint, but we have some earlier issues at around £1,160, saving you £820, compared with buying the latest offering from the Mint. 

Collectable Coins at Bullion Prices

When we have surplus stock of commemorative coins we will give our customers the chance to purchase collectable coins at bullion prices, sometimes with premiums lower than the usual "boring bullion". You may even be lucky enough to buy a piece with an information booklet all about the coin!

As of June 2018, our current offers include coins which are not only exempt from VAT but also exempt from Capital Gains Tax. It's a no-brainer. 

2011 Gold Proof Five Pounds

This Prince Phillip £5 gold coin has a mintage of 636, half the mintage figure compared to other years in the gold proof £5 range. Now retired from public duties, the coin shows a side profile of the Duke of Edinburgh. If you are a collector of Prince Phillip coins, this is the perfect one to add to your collection. For other Prince Phillip coins, please click here.

2011 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof Prince Philip 90th Birthday

The £5 crown to celebrate the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is an interesting piece. Although we do not favour the design of the coin which shows the teeth of the newlyweds (this never looks pleasing on coins), it is definitely a talking piece and one to show people when they ask about your collection. 

2011 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof Royal Wedding - William and Kate

2006 Gold Proof Five Pounds

This coin celebrates the Queen's 80th Birthday. The Royal Mint's selling price for this coin in 2006 was £1,995 when gold was a third lower than the first quarter of 2018. Complete with a presentation box and certificate of authenticity, it is a collector's dream at 3% premium over gold. We have also made them cheaper than our cheapest 1oz krugerrand if you are to buy 10 or more. 

2006 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof The Queen's 80th Birthday

We also have the 2006 £5 coin available without a box, for a slightly lower premium.

2006 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof The Queen's 80th Birthday Capsule Only

Gold Proof Pattern Bridges Set 

Lastly, probably one of the biggest savings against The Royal Mint issue price is the 2003 Pattern One Pound Coin Sets. As these pattern coin sets are not legal tender, they are not classified as investment gold. When these were first issued by The Royal Mint you would have paid VAT plus a high mark up cost for the proof finish. Chards are giving you the chance to purchase this gold coin set at bullion prices. The four "coins" depict the famous bridges from each home nation. This is a great buy for those who have arrived at our showroom without identification to purchase investment gold. Each set contains 2.3116 troy ounces of gold. For just over 22 troy ounces of gold, premiums are 1.75%! Although these are not exempt from VAT, we sell them on a special scheme basis which includes VAT only on our profit margin. Our quoted prices on them include VAT. 

2003 Bridges Gold Proof Pattern Collection

Buy Back Prices

These numismatic coins are a one-off at bullion prices. They give you the advantages of owning something unique, cheaply. At Chards, when you come to sell back, you may be offered prices lower than bullion BUT if the item is no longer in our stock, we will snap your hand off to get it back, sometimes paying over intrinsic. 

Other Gold & Silver Offers

Our stock levels fluctuate constantly, so all the offers above will end when our stock of them return to "normal" levels, but usually, by then we have too much of something else. Right now, we also have some excess stock of some gold bullion items (view here). As we wrote this, the top 3 items come to more than £100,000.

It's not just gold coins that we have excess stock of, we sometimes have a surplus of one particular size of gold bars, silver bars, or silver coins. In fact, our biggest current stock investment is our 2017 UK Silver Roosters. Although there is VAT on investment silver, our rooster offer is something to crow about as it constitutes the cheapest and best value silver bullion deal in the UK. As we write, our excess stock of them is more than £300,000. At our prices, they should be flying out.

Best Value 1 oz CGT Exempt Silver Bullion Coins - Minty

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