The 2024 Krugerrand Coin

Author: Connor Campbell - Bullion & Economics Editor

Published: 2 Jan 2024

Last Updated: 18 Jan 2024


Chards is delighted to introduce the 2024 Krugerrand, a new bullion release from the South African Mint and Rand Refinery. You can now pre-order it in both 1-ounce gold and silver, as well as in tubes and monster boxes.

Background of The Krugerrand

Picture this: It's 1967, and South Africa is a land brimming with gold. The South African Chamber of Mines has a revolutionary idea – create a one-ounce bullion coin, affordable and accessible to all, to showcase the nation's abundant gold resources. And so, the Krugerrand was born.

Named after the esteemed former South African President Paul Kruger and the country's currency, the RAND, this coin quickly became a legend. It wasn't just a coin; it was the godfather of investment gold bullion, a trendsetter, and a record-breaking success story.

In the heart of South Africa's 'payable goldfields,' the first Krugerrand was minted at the South African Mint. Fast forward five decades, and this iconic coin has sold over 60 million ounces, equivalent to a staggering 1558 tons of gold. Today, it stands tall as the most trusted and widely traded gold bullion coin globally.

But the Krugerrand's impact extends beyond South African borders. Its success inspired major mints worldwide to craft their own 1 oz gold coins, forever changing the landscape of precious metal investment.

The 2024 Krugerrand Bullion Coins

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the South African Mint, which enables us to offer these new 2024 Krugerrand bullion coins. They are favourites among investors due to their rich history and are investments that typically last longer than other world bullion coins because of the way their 22-carat coins are manufactured.

The 2024 Krugerrand coin maintains the traditional obverse and reverse designs familiar to investors. Firstly the obverse showcases the portrait of Paul Kruger, a creation by Otto Schultz, while the reverse features the iconic springbok antelope, South Africa's national animal. The only difference investors can expect to see is the new year engraved 2024.

The 2024 Krugerrand Coin Specification

Investors can anticipate that the Krugerrand bullion coins will continue to possess the same specifications that have made them immensely popular to this day.

2024 Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coin

The 2024 gold Krugerrand boasts a full troy ounce of 22-carat gold, weighing in at 33.93 grams, greater amount than what is typically found in 1 oz gold coins. For comparison, the renowned Britannia 1 oz gold coin from Britain weighs only 31.21 grams.

The coin's alloy composition comprises 11/12 24-carat gold and 1/12 copper, resulting in a robust 22-carat gold investment. Consequently, the inclusion of this small fraction of copper imparts a distinctive orange/copper colouring to the Krugerrand, enhancing its resistance to scratches. 

Investors opt for the Krugerrand gold coin as their preferred 1-ounce gold coin because of its ability to maintain its condition better than other global bullion coins. For larger investments, you have the option to invest in 10 coin tubes of 2024 Krugerrand gold coins, which provide additional savings compared to purchasing 10 individual 2024 gold Krugerrand coins separately.

In terms of variety, it is set to be available in four different sizes, offering precisely 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1/10 oz of pure gold, providing accessibility that few other coins can rival.

2024 Krugerrand Silver Bullion Coin

On the other hand, the 2024 Krugerrand silver coin boasts a fineness of 999 fine silver, containing 1 troy ounce and weighing 31.107 grams. Despite the fact that the silver Krugerrand coin has only been in production since 2017 (marking the 50th anniversary of the gold Krugerrand), it has rapidly evolved to become one of the leading 1 oz silver bullion investments today.

We also offer larger investment options for the 2024 Krugerrand silver coins, available in tubes containing 25 coins and monster boxes containing 500 coins. These options are the ideal choice for investors seeking to maximise their holdings while minimising their financial capital expenditure.

Secure Your 2024 Krugerrand Coins

If you wish to acquire the new 2024 Krugerrand bullion coins at your earliest convenience, you need not look any further than Chards. We have these coins in stock now and will look to maintain stock of these coins throughout 2024.

Due to the popularity of these coins, we recommend that you order our 2024 Krugerrand coins as soon as possible to avoid extended lead times. Additionally, at Chards, we maintain a wide inventory of Krugerrand bullion coins in various dates and weights on our website, all available at competitive premiums.

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