Chards Bonanza Week 2018

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 13 Aug 2018

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Our first annual bonanza where we offer our excess stocks at amazing prices and premiums. Includes bullion coins, proof sets, medallions and much much more!

Our first annual bonanza week will be starting at 10am on 1st October 2018 - if your not already on our mailing list to take part in these offers please sign up here

This day will see many premiums slashed on products ranging from bullion coins, proof coin sets, medallions and much much more. 

Consider this a coin and bullion equivalent of "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" or even "Amazon Prime Day". If you are a dealer, investor or a collector there will be a wide range of products available at slashed prices but, as our recent sales have proved, the bargains will be snapped up in no time. 


Which Products Will Be On Offer?

We will have a range of products available that include proof sets, commemorative, bullion coins and more. We will have items on sale that would normally carry high premiums. Sneak previews of products will be coming in due course........we do send mailshots with details and you can also follow us on facebook to hear more. You can find our facebook page here

How Many Products Will Be On Offer?

As I type this we have shortlisted over 50 products that will be offered on the day. These products cover everything from proof sets, medallion, bullion coins and more. 

It is very unusual to find so many products available at slashed premiums in one place all at once. We cannot emphasize enough how good this opportunity is to invest in gold and silver. You will even have the chance to buy commemorative gold and silver at bullion prices. We are very excited to bring these deals to you and they are not to be missed. 

Who Will Have Access To The Offers?

The offers will be made available first to customers who are signed up to the mailing list. If you have not already signed up, click here.

On Monday 1st October at 10am all customers on the mailing list will be sent private links via email.

Tuesday onwards we will open the offers to everyone else. We anticipate most deals going on day 1 so signing up to the mailing list is highly recommended. 

How Do I Access The Offers

All you will need to do to gain access to our fantastic offers is follow the secret links provided via email. We anticipate these offers going very quick so don’t delay! 

How Long Will The Offers Be Available?

The offers will be available to newsletter subscribers 10am Monday to 4pm Friday week commencing 1st October 2018. Monday will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers who also have online accounts. These customers are likely to take advantage of our deals first and it’s likely the best deals will be snapped up by these customers. 

Why Are Chards Selling A Lot Of Stock So Cheap?

It is common in our day to day business to acquire surplus stock of any number of product lines. Like any business we have our core set of products and we find that many product lines outside of this need extra marketing, website content and more effort to promote and sell. As these unusual lines take more effort and resource to promote they usually come with a higher price tag and partly as a result of this sell at a slower rate. These products take up significant amounts of space to store securely in our strong rooms and they hold up significant amounts of monetary value. By offering reduced premiums we can make some space and reinvest in core products so that you as the customer can take advantage of fantastic premiums and deals. 

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