Lawrence Chard

Chairman and CEO

Blackpool businessman, Lawrence Chard is not only an avid photographer, cyclist and skier, he is also a coin hobbyist and qualified numismatist and founder of Chards Coin and Bullion Dealers.

Lawrence was born in Blackpool and remains a resident there today. Growing up in Blackpool, Lawrence has always had a strong work ethic, starting work at an early age in his Grandparents' arcade on Blackpool Promenade, selling fruit squash. It was during his time working in the arcade that he discovered his love for coins.

Lawrence founded Blackpool's first and only Coin & Bullion dealers in 1964 with his cousin, Robert. The pair were asked by a part-time dealer to look for certain dated pennies in the arcade. With an entrepreneurial background, Lawrence soon realised he could make a couple of days wages in a day. After his cousin left for university, Lawrence continued to grow the business whilst studying at the local sixth form. He has never stopped since.