Sell Gold and Silver

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion!

At Chards Coin and Bullion Dealer, we offer a hassle-free process for selling your precious metals, either in our showroom, through the post, or via our distance buy-in service.

To begin the selling process, simply download our selling form. Additionally, If you prefer to learn more about how to sell your precious metals, our dedicated customer service advisors are ready to guide you through the entire process. Contact our excellent team today, and let us help you get started. Contact us at 01253 343081

The distance buy in service is the most popular option as this door to door service is fully insured with Chards for any weight, quantity, value of coins, bars, 'scrap' gold and silver jewellery.

We still offer customers the option to post via Royal Mail, but our preference is always to meet you in person and deal in our fantastic showroom in Blackpool if you can make it! If you do wish to visit, we are proud to be bricks and mortar - all of our staff are highly trained staff and you can make an appointment to visit.

If you would like to read our Key Terms, click here and when you are ready to sell contact us on [email protected] to discuss prices (all available below) and the selling process. Alternatively, you can contact us through live-chat on our website. Please note coins and bars are subject to a quality check prior to making any offer. Read more here.

You can view our live buy in prices below.

It is important that our customers know we may not fix our offer price in times of volatility, but we will fix our buy premiums. At Chards, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you build a brighter financial future.


Sell Gold Coins

We pay up to

Gold Sovereign


Gold Britannia


Gold Krugerrand


Other 1 oz Coins


Sell Gold Bars

We pay up to

1 Ounce


100 Grams


250 Grams


1 Kilo


Sell Scrap Gold

Per Gram

9ct Hallmarked


18ct Hallmarked


22ct Hallmarked


24ct Hallmarked


Sell Silver Coins

We pay up to

Silver Britannia


Silver Maple


Silver Lunar


Other 1 oz Coins


Sell Silver Bars

We pay up to

1 Ounce


250 Grams


500 Grams


1 Kilo


Sell Scrap Silver


Per Gram

Fine Silver .999


Britannia Silver .958


Sterling Silver .925


Continental Silver .900


Over 59 Years Experience

As leading UK dealers since 1964, we are always keen and eager to buy all gold, silver and numismatic coins. Whether you have a single coin or several thousand, whether it's an extreme rarity or a bullion coin, we will always be interested in buying at competitive prices.

As a leading UK dealer, we have been buying gold and silver from customers for over 55 years. We are absolutely delighted to offer a brand-new door to door service that we hope makes it even quicker, easier and safer to sell bullion coins and bars to Chards. Read more here.

We pay 0.5% extra for items in storage with us, up to a maximum of 100%.

Sell Gold and Silver in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland

As of today, we can now offer fully insured, door to door service for any value and quantity of bullion gold and silver regardless of where you live in the UK! We arrange a trusted courier to pick up from your front door and deliver everything next day to our offices in Blackpool. This service is fully tracked and signed for and you can be rest assured the whole investment value is insured. After you inform us what you would like to sell, we will offer an option to fix the price and provide an estimate of delivery costs. Following this we will post out a tamper proof box, shipping label, packing instructions that are easy to follow and book a courier to collect at your convenience. All we ask is that you provide a 3-hour window you are happy to wait in for collection. Read more here.

The whole process takes 3 or 4 working days and you can expect payment as soon as we check the coins / bars for authenticity and quantity quoted.

This process is perfect should you have very large quantities of gold or silver (such as monster boxes) or should you live too far away to justify driving.

We offer some of the best buy back prices on the market and should you live in London, Surrey, Cornwall, Scotland, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester you can take advantage of our prices without even leaving the house!

When you're ready you can contact our staff on [email protected]. If you are sending items, download the Sell To Chard form, fill it in and send it with your items. Further information including postage advice can be found below the products.

Postage costs of £40 (+ insurance) are for domestic UK parcels up to 10kg on a next day weekday service. We can arrange shipping of large quantities, weekend collections and even a worldwide service if you need it.

Royal Mail or Distance Buy In - Which Service to Use?

For smaller values (up to about £2,500), it is still quicker and easier to use Royal Mail special delivery. For example, using multiple postings of 2 or 3 packets can provide insurance cover up to £5,000, £7,500 and so on.

Our distance buy-in service is more expensive for these amounts, but comes into its own for higher values, and possibly heavier, bulkier consignments. 

However, some of our customers use our distance buy-in service for smaller values for convenience, regardless of costs. We give both options when we communicate with customers and let them decide. At the minute, customers like it as they don't need to leave the house, which is a suitable option given the current circumstances (as of 7/4/2020). 

For more information on selling options, please contact us via e-mail on [email protected].

Quoted Buy In Prices

Please note we can only pay our buy in prices quoted above if the coins and bars are in good condition and can be re-sold. If we decide that we need to either scrap your coins or bars or sell as "grade C"  we reserve the right to offer a lower price. You can read more about this on our dedicated page for incoming quality checks. In these cases, there is no obligation to sell and we can post your coins back to you or hold them if you wish to collect. Our postage prices to return coins can be found on our dedicated postage page

Gold Bars or Gold Coins

Which are easier to sell?

It appears a better deal to buy large gold bars, such as one kilo bars, because they are available at a low premium over gold, but when it comes to selling, they are slightly harder to sell, and gold coins such as sovereigns and Krugerrands are easier to sell, and command a better price.

Premiums & Discounts

On many of the pages of our site, we quote our typical percentage premiums over gold for many of our gold coins and bars. This makes it easy to compare value, and work out which coins represent the best buy. We are often asked what our dealing "spread" is, the difference between our buying and selling prices. Although in 1971 we were the first bullion coin dealer to start quoting a buy-sell spread, we stopped doing this after VAT was introduced on gold coins, and have not re-introduced because of various changes in the market. An intelligent investor will still wish to know how easy it will be to sell his investment, and at what prices. We will attempt to answer both parts of this question.

How Easy is it to Sell Gold?

Any of the investment gold products we sell are easy to sell, either in the UK or almost anywhere in the world. Gold coins such as Krugerrands and sovereigns are always very easy to sell, gold bars are slightly more difficult. This is partly because more people recognise coins than bars. We reckon that a simple test would be to take a sovereign, a Krugerrand and a gold bar into a jeweller's, and ask if they would buy them. We think most would look at the gold bar and ask what it was. When you told them, they would follow up by asking whether it was real. Strangely enough in countries such as India, the bar would probably score well, with a high recognition factor, because jewellers in many less developed and eastern countries are used to working with pure gold and high carat golds. In the UK, and other developed countries, most jewellers are merely shopkeepers, and as such are not as well acquainted with the raw materials of their trade.

Comparative Premiums or Discounts

So how much will you get for your investment when you come to sell it?

This question is slightly harder to answer, as it depends on many market factors, each of which is highly changeable. The recent movement in gold prices has an effect. For example if gold shot up $10 or $20 overnight, we would be less enthusiastic buyers for a few days, because otherwise we end up with a lot of expensive stock if the price drops back after a few days. Nowadays it is more difficult for us to shift our surplus stock than it used to be in the 1960's and 1970's, because in those days there were two main bullion banks in London with whom we could deal quickly and easily. Now there are no London bullion banks, at least not any dealing in less than about 1 ton at a time.

Other factors include demand during the past few days, and our stock or book position on each type of coin or bar, and the current demand level. We are usually quite happy to carry 100 to 200 surplus Krugerrands or 500 to 1,000 surplus sovereigns, but we never like to have a surplus of 1-kilo gold bars. If we have to buy gold bars, we would always prefer a larger number of smaller bars, but as these are normally dearer to buy, they will therefore carry a larger spread.

Gold Sovereigns

As a rough guide, our buying prices for sovereigns vary from about a 2% discount to a 2% premium. In late 1999, we were paying about 10% premium. It is worth bearing this in mind when compared with the rates on other forms of gold.


Our buying prices on Krugerrands vary from about 2% discount to 1% premium. In the past, we have paid a 4% premium for them, as was the case in the last quarter of 1999.

Gold Bars

Our buying prices on gold bars bought from us tend to be between 2% and 1% discount. We very rarely buy them at a premium.

Premium Differentials

An important figure to consider is the difference in premiums between different forms of investment gold. Normally when selling, you should expect to recoup any differential in premium between sovereigns, Krugerrands, and gold bars, even when selling in bulk to a dealer or broker. In addition, sovereigns are very collectable and often sell for between 50% and 100% over gold. If supplies of sovereigns dry up, then we believe premiums will increase again to more substantial levels.

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