Selling Gold Sovereigns To Us

Written by Ian • Last updated 4 Dec 2018

Are you shopping around to sell your gold sovereigns, or do you just want to know the price of a gold sovereign to sell? 

If your finding it difficult to find the best price for your gold sovereign, then read on...


Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereign Price Today (Bullion)


Next Steps If You Are Ready to Sell Your Sovereigns:

Step 1 - If you want to sell you can then give our staff a call on 01253 343081 to fix your price!

Step 2 - If you are sending items, download the Sell To Chard form, fill it in and send it with your items.

Step 3 - Post your items to us but please read our postage information which can be found in our "Postage Advice" blog



An Established Sovereign Dealer

As leading UK dealers since 1964, we are always keen and eager to buy gold sovereigns. Whether you have a single coin or several thousand, whether it's an extreme rarity or a bullion coin, we will always be interested in buying your sovereigns at competitive prices. Whether your sovereign is in perfect mint state or only fit for scrap, we will buy it.


Bullion Sovereigns

The vast majority of sovereigns that we are offered are "bullion" sovereigns. Naturally some will be in better or worse grade, younger or older, than others, but these factors on their own do not necessarily make any or much difference to their bullion value.

If you have a large quantity of gold sovereigns to sell, we will accept your instructions on price, or offer you helpful advice on selling.


Rare Date and Mintmark Sovereigns and Sovereigns in Exceptional Condition

1859 Ansell Sovereign

As coin dealers, we do buy rare and collectable coins of all types including sovereigns. If you know or believe you have sovereigns which are rare or highly valuable, you are best to advise us of this, as otherwise we assume that you are offering us bullion sovereigns, and any offer we make will be on that basis. We have recently bought and sold the  highly sought after 1859 Ansell sovereign in the picture to the right. 

Many sellers give us a list of their sovereigns, often with dates, mintmarks, and grades. We treat lists in a similar manner to actual coins. It is not our job to peruse lists and identify rarities and high value coins, If you have a rare or highly valuable coin, it is your job to communicate this to your buyer.


Sending Coins And Bullion by Post

Selling gold sovereigns to us is very easy. You may deliver them personally or use the post. Since 1964 we have transacted much of our business by mail and sending coins to us by post is quite simple and reliable.

Within the UK, we recommend the Royal Mail's Special Delivery service, which used to be called "registered". On receipt we will agree a price with you if we have not already done so, and send a cheque by return first class post or make a BACS payment. If you prefer, you are welcome to call at our showroom with coins for sale. There is no need to make an appointment, but if you have a large amount of coins, it is advisable to let us know in advance.

Most people pack their coins securely, but occasionally we are surprised by how badly some people will pack their coins. Try to wrap each coin separately if valuable, or to roll a quantity of coins in paper or plastic to form a cylinder and plastic bank coin bags are ideal. Tape them up tightly after wrapping so that the coins cannot move around and scratch each other. Surround the roll with bubble wrap or tape it to cardboard so that it cannot move around inside the package. Try to use the smallest possible outer box or envelope to reduce the amount of slack inside.


Ex-Jewellery Sovereigns

Please by aware that sovereigns and other gold coins which have been mounted for use in jewellery are often sub-standard as bullion coins. We will still buy these, but as we usually have to scrap them , we will only buy them at scrap gold prices rather than as coins. Even so, our buying prices will be higher for these than most of our competitors offer for perfect coins.


Fake Sovereings

We get offered fake sovereigns on an almost daily basis. We will buy these, but again we will only buy them for their scrap gold content. Again, our buying prices will probably be higher for these than many of our competitors offer for genuine coins. Read more about our fake sovereigns by clicking here. 


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