Digital Bullion FAQ

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 4 Aug 2022

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023


You will find answers to common questions regarding our digital metals and vaulted storage services.

We also have FAQ pages on buying from Chards, selling your precious metals and common questions about paying for your precious metals. You can find these via our FAQ hub page.

Can I Store Bullion with Chards?

Yes, we have vaulted storage available on-site in Blackpool and also overseas in Zurich. Prices are competitive and you can read more about this service on our precious metals storage page.

Will My Items Be Insured?

Our strong rooms in Blackpool are fully insured by Lloyds of London. If you would like to know more about this service please visit our allocated storage page.

How Do I Sell My Stored Items?

If you wish to sell your precious metals back to us at any point, we can fix a buy back price at no extra cost.

Investors who choose to store their metals with us benefit from better buy back prices than those who don't. This is partly to develop customer loyalty but also logical as moving metal between shelves and accounts is quick and easy.

VAT Free Products

We can offer VAT-free products for storage through our network of bonded warehouse facilities. For UK customers VAT is deferred until you take delivery and any import into the UK will attract VAT at the standard rate. Other countries also have sales tax for precious metals and we ask you take professional advice before instructing us to release your goods.

Can I Communicate Directly with the Storage Company?

Our vaulting partners do not offer a customer service line for the public and will only deal with their contracted partners. If you wish to speak to the storage company we can first try to answer your question ourselves and if we fail to do this, we can pass it on to our contacts.

Delivery of Goods from Storage

Firstly, we stress to customers that the products we sell for storage in our vaults are for the purpose of long-term investments. If you think you might want delivery please consider buying physical coins and bars for delivery instead, this will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Domestic Delivery and Collection

You can take delivery of products stored in UK vaults and will be required to pay handling and delivery charges. If your products are stored in bonded warehouse locations you cannot opt for a domestic delivery as you will be performing an import into your country of choice (see international delivery below).

We will require proof of identification to discuss storage particulars with you or release goods so please review our page on acceptable forms of identification.

International Delivery, Collection and Bonded Goods

In order to move goods across borders which also includes taking items out of bonded warehouses you will be required to carry out an import. The coins and bars stored in the location are your property and as such you are required to become the importer of record or arrange for a consignee (if not yourself) to become the importer of record. This consignee is required to pay any duties or taxes associated with the import. We (Chards) will act as your delivery agent in this process but will not take any ownership of the goods. We can arrange international transport and will quote a price that includes freight, insurance and customs clearance only.

Customers who wish to collect from warehouse locations will have to arrange this via our customer service team. Please note the facilities do not have a customer service contact number for the public and only with their contracted clients. Customers can in effect become their own courier after paying the handling and storage fees and Chards authorising release.

What Is DigitAul?

DigitAul metal accounts are another way of buying precious metals account but for people with different intents. With Digital Savings, you are purchasing an equivalent number of troy ounces of precious metals without specifying the design, form, manufacturer etc., therefore paying low premiums. Digital Storage is a way to purchase allocated metal where Chards back all balances 1:1 with physical bullion stored in our vaults.

DigitAul Savings Account vs DigitAul Storage Account

Both are offered as a pre-payment metal account option and we do not consider them a substitute for physical precious metal ownership.

Our allocated accounts are for customers who want their balances backed by physical bullion. We actively encourage the use of these accounts to pre-fund physical purchases by adding the buying premium back into your balance at the point of checkout.

Savings accounts are commonly used to navigate situations where banks restrict transfers to £10,000 per day, allowing customers to load up metal in multiple transactions reaching the full balance over a few days or weeks.

DigitAul Savings accounts do not have any storage, insurance or delivery fees whereas DigitAul storage accounts have storage fees as your allocated bullion is stored in our vaults. The storage fees cover transport, vaulting and insurance and you can follow this link to our vaulted storage fees.

Can I Sell Digital Gold & Silver?

We buy back digital gold and silver at 100% of the spot price or you can use it as a payment option for any products or services from us. Both are classed as disposals for UK residents by HMRC.

Any disposals will be liable for UK capital gains tax and must be declared when disposed of, any profits contributing to your overall liability (note: we refer to profits and not the overall value of the sale). If profits for the year remain below the threshold you will not incur any tax, and capital losses are carried forward and any gains are taxable. Please note this is NOT advice and we recommend you seek appropriate advice for these products.

Will I Be Charged Storage on Digital Gold or Silver?

If you choose to purchase or transfer to physical bullion and would like to use our on-site or overseas vaults, this is a charged service.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Spend on Digital Metal?

The smallest order value available through our digital accounts is GBP 10, USD 10 or EUR 10.

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