Vaulted Storage

UK and Overseas Vaults

We offer storage services in the United Kingdom and overseas that are low cost and fully insured. This service offers customers an allocated and segregated metal account with discrete, allocated coins and bars.

Customers can choose our dedicated world class storage facilities right here in Blackpool or store bullion overseas in bonded warehouses. 

We also offer pre-payment metal accounts in the form of Digital Account. If you are unsure which one is best for you please get in touch on 01253 343081

For added peace of mind, customer stock held at our storage facilities has been independently checked by Azets.


Buy Vaulted Gold and Silver

You can buy storage by talking to our staff on 01253 343081 , visiting our showroom or by using the "BUY WITH STORAGE" option when making an online purchase. Alternatively, you can follow this link for products stored overseas.

All online customers are asked to create an account first and you can do that by clicking here. We will also require two forms of identification - you can read more by clicking here.

Bullion Products - "BUY WITH STORAGE"

Applicable products on our website have an option to "BUY WITH STORAGE" next to the "ADD TO BASKET" button. By choosing this option you opt to have your purchased items in storage in Blackpool (please follow this link to products stored overseas).

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Buy products and storage - buy gold and silver direct from us taking advantage of market beating premiums - click here visit our price comparison pages. You will receive an invoice for products and storage once payment has cleared and then monthly invoices thereon after. 

Drop off products bought elsewhere - we are happy to accept items for storage bought from anywhere and for this service we charge a £60 (exc. VAT) fee. For this we will carry out an assessment of the goods and confirm metal content and value.

Buying online is easy and you will be guided through the process as if you are buying direct from us. We do not require an inventory form. If items are bought elsewhere, we ask for an inventory form to be complete at the point of goods going into storage. This seal number will then be cross-checked when you withdraw any goods as proof the stored items have not been tampered with.  

If you wish to know more about buying gold and silver, we have put together a buying guide and you can click here to read it.

Storage Fees

Blackpool and Overseas Pricing

Storage fees are charged as follows:

  • Gold 0.5% of the value of your total metal holding + VAT per annum
  • Silver 0.6% of the value of your total metal holding + VAT per annum
  • Palladium 0.6% of the value of your total metal holding + VAT per annum
  • Platinum 0.6% of the value of your total metal holding + VAT per annum
Average Value Estimated Monthly Fee (exc. VAT)*
Gold Silver
£20,000 or below £10 £10
£30,000 £12.50 £15
£60,000 £25 £30
£150,000 £62.50 £75
Over £1,000,000 Please contact us on 01253 343081

*This value will change slightly depending on the spot price of the metals stored.

Along with our purchasing prices, our storage fees are among the most competitive and transparent on the market. Some companies appear to have low rates, but this can be due to any number of reasons, such as higher purchase premiums or withdrawal fees. In some cases, the lowest rates are offered but this is on unallocated or unsegregated gold. Our price is calculated by charging a percentage of the monetary value of stored bullion by using the average price of the previous 30 days of gold and silver.

To prove our transparency with pricing, we will explain the difference. Silver is more expensive as it has a larger footprint and requires more space, physical containers (inc. safes) and manpower to move and store in a secure manner in comparison to gold which is a lot smaller in terms of volume and weight.

If you deposit halfway through a calendar month, you will only be charged for the part of the month that we hold your gold. We also operate a minimum monthly fee of £10 inc. VAT.

Where Can I Store My Gold and Silver?

Not many people like to store their gold at home, for reasons such as theft and loss. Even insuring your gold will carry extra costs, as your insurers will ask where it’s kept, what its value is etc. If the gold price goes up, so does the value of your holding, so you will need to let your insurers know its value on a regular basis. This does not even take into account the cost of a personal safe! 

You can reduce some risk by storing your precious metals in a bank’s safety deposit facility but these are not easily available. Those banks that do offer the use of on-site safety deposit boxes however, are not always covered by insurance, unless you want to pay extra!

Here at Chards, we are able to offer both a highly secure method of storage and the added benefit of insuring your goods against any loss, theft or damage. 

UK Vaults

Every product in our best value range, bullion gold or silver bars are available to check out online with vaulted storage in the UK.

Customers can store their wealth right here in Blackpool with no further third-party risk and with access granted within 24 hours if needed. Our vaults are modern, state-of-the-art and very secure with the vault doors almost impenetrable. The whole facility is entombed in metal so you can rest assured no one is going to gain access via drilling through the walls (which does happen in real life as well as the movies!). Our vault doors are not the ones in the image at the top for security reasons and page aesthetics, in fact, our vaults are much more secure than those in the above image.

Storage particulars:

  • Products are stored in one safe within a strong room 
  • Each customer has a dedicated location
  • Access is restricted to authorised personnel only (staff only)
  • Annual accountancy audit
  • Tamper-proof box and seal
  • Record of authorised personnel opening safe. 
  • Each box is sealed with a tamper-proof number and is cross-checked on audit and if you remove any goods from storage. This ensures no one (including our staff) have gained access to the storage box.

Overseas Storage

We have extended our storage services and now offer vaulted storage overseas with the storage location listed in the product title. We have sufficient stock in Switzerland to offer a range of products for sale on the website and you can click here to see all products stored in Zurich.

We can store goods in just about any location in the world and happy to look at custom shipping and storage quotes to suit any need.

Why Store with Us?

Chards have been in business for over 60 years and it's only with our premises on Harrowside that we have been able to offer on-site customer storage. We can store your items in secure safes within a strong room. That's right, a safe within a safe! This means your stored items are kept well away from day to day business activities making it as secure as possible.

We have been dealing in gold and silver bullion products for long enough to understand safety concerns and security steps required to keep high-value goods safe. We are fully insured through Lloyds of London who are global leaders in risk-management services. In order to become insured for this type of business, we have had to demonstrate that our site and processes are world class. 

Our stocks are subject to external accountancy audits as well as our on-site governance and quality processes to ensure reporting and compliance.

Our vaulting suppliers in Switzerland are also long-established companies with which we have had a successful business relationship for many years and who have their own high standards, world class facilities and insurance.

Who Owns the Vaulted Metal?

Simply put, you do.

We've found that there is considerable confusion around the ownership of metals which are stored in our vaults or overseas. We've seen a number of comments on social media saying "if you don't hold it, you don't own it", however this saying is more applicable to "paper gold" as opposed to vaulted metals. Paper gold in the form of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), futures contracts etc., are claims to future gold purchases, so in those instances, you don't own the gold, you merely own a claim to it. With vaulted storage, your purchased products are physically stored in real vaults. 

Stock Checks By Azets

Our customer storage is subject to independent checks by Azets. We carry out physical stock checks in person, both in Blackpool and overseas, every 2 years. As an interim check we prepare a report every 6 months which demonstrates stock is correctly accounted for all customer orders.

Selling Back to Us

You can sell your items back to us at any point and in any quantity. We will not charge you any further transaction fees if you part sell. 

As the process is much quicker than selling physical gold, If you do decide to sell to us, we will give you our best buy back price - which can sometimes beat the price offered in our showroom or by post. 

We constantly buy and sell gold and silver products, so our premiums are subject to variation. Our offers are again some of the best on the market and we never rip our customers off.

Storage Terms of Sale

We have tried to summarise the detail and should you wish to know more we refer you to our full storage terms of sale here.