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Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 12 Jun 2020

Last Updated: 20 May 2022


We compare prices against our UK competition in order to bring you the lowest priced products in the market. Below you will find a number of price comparisons on popular silver bullion coins, and if you feel a product is missing we can certainly include it - just get in touch on [email protected] or via live chat. 

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have to pay city centre rental rates, nor do we service high advertising fees, and to top it off we even keep our Directors' weekly pocket money to a modest figure. Low overheads, over 55 years experience and an ability to source low premium products allow us to pass savings through to investors.

These is especially true with silver coins, as we are one of the few bullion dealerships in the country to offer silver sold on the special VAT scheme! Make sure to sign up the the email alerts so you're first to know when we get these coins in stock - they tend to sell very well once we put them up for sale.


We offer bullion price comparisons on a wide range of silver coins, from brand-new Britannias to pre-owned kilo coins sold on the margin scheme.

If you wish to collect items from our showroom you can remove postage and expect even better value for money! We endeavour to compare like for like products, matching brands where we can and choosing equivalent products where a direct match is unavailable. We will publish price comparison data for price breaks where we are cheapest. When we cannot find a competitor product as a suitable match, we will inform you that no alternatives are available. This is not an exhaustive search and we welcome customers to verify we offer the best prices; please note we only update our page once daily, so all prices are subject to change. We strive to provide real time comparisons to the split second but please be aware due to the nature of our systems prices may be out by a few seconds but will always provide a reliable comparison.

If you wish to know who our comparisons are against please contact the showroom on 01253 343081 . In the meantime, we set you the challenge to decrypt our competitor acronyms!


OOS - Out of stock

*Companies owned by a single group selling the same product at different prices.

**No Equivalent Product Available or Data Error

2022 Britannia 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin

1 Kg Silver Coin Our Choice - Minty

This is our choice of kilo silver coin from a wide range of mints around the world. This product is sold on the special VAT scheme, meaning you only pay tax on the dealer's margin.

1 oz Silver Coin Bullion Best Value - Minty

Our Best Value 1oz Silver Coins in close to mint condition. These are our choice of year(s) from some of the world's top mints.

1 oz Silver Britannia - Minty

Minty Silver Britannias are our hand-picked selection of silver bullion Britannias that are in mint condition and usually, but not always, have been minted in recent years. 

1Kg Silver Coin Best Value - Secondary Market

These are our cheapest kilo silver coins which are second hand and sold on the special scheme. These coins are picked at random from our current stocklists.

1 oz Silver Britannia - Secondary Market

These secondary market coins are our lowest priced option for silver Britannias. The silver composition of the coin will vary - but they will all contain 1 troy ounce of pure silver.

1 oz Silver Coin Best Value - Secondary Market

These are our cheapest 1 ounce silver coins. They are particularly popular as their weight make price comparisons easy and are easily traded due to the the size of the market. Be sure to sign up to email alert if this product is out of stock; the coins don't last long when we put them up for sale.

1 oz Silver Coin Maple Bullion Best Value - Secondary Market

Following the success of the maple leaf gold bullion coins introduced in 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint started in 1988 to produce a one ounce silver maple leaf coin. We also offer these coins in minty condition.

1 oz Silver Coin Philharmonic Bullion Best Value - Secondary Market

 The Austrian Philharmonic has become one of the most popular 1 oz silver coins in Europe, due to its attractive respresentation of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. These coins are chosen from our choice of dates.

1oz Silver Eagle Coins - Minty

Silver Eagle bullion coins first appeared on the scene in 1986. They are issued by the United States Mint and are well-known all across the world. These coins will be chosen from a range of dates of which we have in stock. We also offer secondary market silver eagles.

We are currently working on this price comparison - check back soon!

1oz Perth Mint Silver Coins - Minty

These Australian coins in minty condition are chosen on an 'our choice' basis, allowing us to offer them at low premiums. They can come from our stocks of Kangaroos, Koalas, Kookaburras, Crocodiles and Lunar Series coins.

We are currently working on this price comparison - check back soon!

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