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Author: Jon Clarke - Bullion & Economics Editor

Published: 5 Aug 2021

Last Updated: 6 Aug 2021


One thing that some of our customers often ask is why we don’t offer “free delivery” on gold and silver.

We have been consistent over the years in keeping our delivery fees visible and transparent, however we are always keen on hearing how we can improve on our services.

We recently asked our customers whether they would prefer visible delivery fees or “free” delivery where the fees are built in to the price of the product. We were surprised by the results.

Free Delivery or Visible Fees?

Free Delivery on Gold and Silver

We’ve written about this before and argued that while free delivery on gold and silver gives the idea that the customer is getting something for nothing, it often works out more expensive.

Not only that, but as one of the few bricks-and-mortar bullion dealers in the UK, we love to allow our customers the opportunity to pop in and visit us. If we were to increase our prices on products to accommodate this free delivery, we would surely end up alienating our local customers. Particularly if they are paying extra for a service they are not using.

Visible Fees or Free Delivery?

We’ve had discussions amongst ourselves over whether our customers would prefer to have postage fees transparent on the product pages, or if they would like the benefit of “free delivery” with the postage included in with the product price.

Admittedly, it would make it easier for us, as a company, to compare our prices against the competition, but on the whole, many of our staff thought keeping our delivery fees visible would be more beneficial for our customers.

In the end, we decided to allow the customers themselves to vote for what they would prefer, and the results were surprising to say the least!

The Results

In true democratic fashion, we let our customers decide. After all, what could go wrong?

We asked:

 Would you prefer visible delivery fees at checkout or "free delivery" with the cost included in the product price like some of our competitors offer?

Our customers gave one of two answers:

1. Visible delivery fees, please! 
2. No, I'd prefer "free delivery" with the price included in the product.

We honestly thought there would be a clear winner, either in favor of having fees visible, or perhaps proving us wrong and saying they prefer the “free delivery. Here are the results:

Visible delivery fees, please! 335
No, I'd prefer "free delivery" with the price included in the product. 333

Is This Another Brexit?

We never thought the result would be this close!

We were able to watch the results as people responded and we noticed a clear majority voting for visible fees. Later on, we guessed that those that like “free stuff” had probably overslept and were just late to respond, but they certainly closed the gap. In the end though, it wasn’t enough and visible fees won by a measly 2 votes. 

So, What Now?

Seriously! What now?!

It's hardly a majority, but it is clear that our customers are split on what they prefer. This is something we will continue to look at, and if we can find a way of pleasing everyone, we will certainly do our best.

Thank you to everyone that responded to our poll and as always, please feel free to contact us if there is any way we can improve on our services.

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