Sell to Chards Without Even Leaving The House!

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 27 Feb 2019

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


As a leading UK dealer, we are delighted to offer a buy-in service that makes it even quicker, easier and safer to sell bullion coins and bars to Chards.

Sell Gold and Silver Bullion Anywhere in the UK

As a leading UK dealer, we have been buying gold and silver from customers for over 50 years.

We are absolutely delighted to offer a brand-new service that we hope makes it even quicker, easier and safer to sell bullion coins and bars to Chards. 


Sell Gold and Silver in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland or Anywhere in the World!


✓ Fully insured
No matter what value 

✓ Packaging Supplied
Tamper-proof box, shipping label and packing instructions supplied

✓ Convenient
We give the option of AM (8am-12pm) and PM (12pm - 5pm)

✓ Tracked
See where your courier is in real-time

✓ Signed-for 
Check when your parcel safely arrives with us

✓ Cost Efficient
Flat fee of £40 + insurance*

✓ Quick
Entire process takes 3-5 working days**

✓ Excellent Prices
Some of the best buy-back prices on the market



As of today, we can now offer fully insured, door to door service for any value and quantity of bullion gold and silver. We arrange a trusted courier to pick up from your front door and deliver everything next day to our offices in Blackpool. This service is fully tracked and signed for and you can rest assured the whole investment value is insured. After you inform us what you would like to sell, we will provide an estimate of delivery costs and remind you that you have the option to fix when your parcel is collected by the courier, (if you wish, we can even hold your parcel for up to a week before you agree to fix). Following this agreement of when you wish to fix, we will post out a tamper proof box, shipping label, packing instructions that are easy to follow and book a courier to collect at your convenience. All we ask is that you provide an AM (8am - 12pm) / PM (12pm - 5pm) window you are happy to wait in for collection.

The whole process takes 3 or 4 working days and you can expect payment as soon as we check the coins / bars for authenticity and quantity quoted.

This process is perfect should you have very large quantities of gold or silver (such as monster boxes) or should you live too far away to justify driving.

We offer some of the best buy back prices on the market and should you live in London, Surrey, Cornwall, Scotland, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester you can take advantage of our prices without even leaving the house!

Postage costs of £40(+ insurance) are for domestic UK parcels up to 10kg on a next day weekday service. We can arrange shipping of large quantities, weekend collections and even a worldwide service if you need it. Please get in touch by e-mailing us on [email protected] to get a custom quote. 

Check Out Our Buy Back Rates

Here are some of the most popular products and prices we pay for customers all over the United Kingdom:

Gold Coins

Product Live Buy Back Price
Full Sovereign £439.55
Half Sovereign £217.53
1 Oz Gold Britannia £1,867.23
1 Oz Gold Krugerrand £1,848.17
1 Oz Gold Maple £1,829.12
1 Oz Gold Beast £1,848.17
1 Oz Gold Panda £1,829.12

Silver Coins

Product Today's Best Price For Silver Coins 
1 Ounce Silver Coin £25.25
30g Silver Coin £24.35
2 Ounce Silver Coin £50.50
5 Ounce Silver Coin £126.26
10 Ounce Silver Coin £252.51
1 Kilo Silver Coin £811.84

Gold Bars 

Product We Are Currently Paying  Up To
1Kg Gold Bar £58,807.54
250g Gold Bar £14,701.93
100g Gold Bar £5,880.81
50g Gold Bar £2,940.31
1 oz Gold Bar £1,829.12

Silver Bars 

Product We Are Currently Paying Up To
1Kg Silver Bar £771.25
500g Silver Bar £385.73
250g Silver Bar £192.82


Next Steps If You Are Ready to Sell:

Step 1 - If you want to sell you can then e-mail our staff on [email protected] to order your packaging!

Step 2 - If you are sending items, download the Sell To Chard form, fill it in and send it with your items.

Step 3 - Post your items to us but please read our postage information which can be found in our "Postage Advice" blog

It is important that our customers know we may not fix our offer price in times of volatility, but we will fix our buy premiums.

Royal Mail or Distance Buy In - Which Service to Use?

For smaller values (up to about £2,500), it is still quicker and easier to use Royal Mail special delivery. For example, using multiple postings of 2 or 3 packets can provide insurance cover up to £5,000, £7,500 and so on.

Our distance buy-in service is more expensive for these amounts, but comes into its own for higher values, and possibly heavier, bulkier consignments. 

However, some of our customers use our distance buy-in service for smaller values for convenience, regardless of costs. We give both options when we communicate with customers and let them decide. At the minute, customers like it as they don't need to leave the house, which is a suitable option given the current circumstances (as of 7/4/2020). 

For more information on selling options, please contact us via e-mail on [email protected].

You Can Still Visit Us! 

Just because we offer this service doesn't mean we don’t want to meet our customers! We have been buying and selling in person for years and more recently in our brand new Harrowside showroom from 2015. We are very proud of our new office and customers who have been loyal dealing with us in our old and new building provide positive feedback. You can buy and sell gold and silver over the counter every weekeday and the first saturday of every month, take advantage of low cost foreign exchange and even view our entire jewellery collection. In addition to these we offer on-site vaulted storage for safe and fully insured customer storage and that’s not to mention the 20,000+ product lines of coins and bars we store on site, all of which are available to view upon request. We offer all of this as a walk-in service and no appointment is necessary! 

Any Quantity and Value

We will offer to buy anything that comes into our showroom and will always make an offer. We have an appetite and the bank balances to support large buy ins and even recently have done multiple buy ins over £100,000 and even upwards of £300,000 on both gold and silver. All of these have been settled as a single bank transfer to the satisfaction of our customers and cash is even available most of the time as we are now a registered high value dealer. Obviously, there are times when market volatility pushes us to make multiple payments, but these are rare incidents such as after the EU referendum or the 2016 US Presidential Election. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Postage is calculated as follows: 

  • Incoming postage charge to Chards is a fee of £40 and then an addition £1 for every £1000 in value. E.g. a parcel containing 10 gold Britannias with an intrinsic value of £10,000 postage will cost £50. This applies to parcels up to a 10kg limit and for any weights above this please get in touch on [email protected] for a quote.  

We Look Forward to Your Custom

We certainly hope our services are of interest to you and welcome any questions you may have. We have a full team of real people on the other end of live chat and the telephone who are very experienced and will be able to help. Just drop us a call on 01253 343081 if you need to.

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