1 oz Gold Coins or Gold Bars - A Price Comparison

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 12 Dec 2018

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


Are you currently thinking about buying gold and unsure whether coins or bars are your better option? 1 oz gold coins and bars are popular choices, but it is worth understanding the pros and cons of each. We believe that 1 ounce gold coins are a better investment choice than bars due to lower premiums, flexibility when selling, potential exemption from capital gains tax and their visual appeal.

1 Ounce Gold Coins

These coins are a go to product for gold investors. We offer the very popular secondary market 1-ounce gold coin and the minty one ounce gold coins. These products come at our lowest possible premium and are perfect for a gold investment as you pay as close to intrinsic spot price as you can! View all of our best value one ounce coins

1 oz Gold Bullion Coin Best Value - Secondary Market

In Stock

Secondary Market 1 Ounce Gold Coins

Quantity Premium % Total

Price Per Item:

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Price Per Item:

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Price Per Item:

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Price Per Item:

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Price Per Item:

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1 oz Gold Bullion Coin Best Value - Minty

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Minty 1 Ounce Gold Coins

Buying several one-ounce coins instead of a 500g gold bar offers more flexibility when selling. You can easily sell one or two coins. Whereas, you would have to exchange a lot more money to cash in a 500g gold bar. You can view all of our selling prices here. 

With many coins, you get a double whammy tax saving! Gold is firstly exempt from VAT. In addition to this, pound sterling bullion coins produced by The Royal Mint are exempt from capital gains tax. For example, you can buy gold Britannia coins, Queen's Beasts, sovereigns and Lunar gold coins, and if you were to sell them, they would not count towards your capital gains tax allowance. For this reason alone, if you plan on buying gold coins we highly recommend one of these products. You can view all of our popular CGT exempt gold coins here.

Gold Bars

We offer various different weights of gold bars on our website, and you can visit our dedicated page for gold bars if you're looking to buy. Gold bars are easy to stack and can be stored in a small compact space as gold is so dense relative to silver. Gold bars come from a number of refiners and we currently stock Perth Mint, UBS, Metalor and Heraeus amongst others. 

No gold bars are exempt from capital gains tax and if you are serious about depositing a lot of money for gold then we would recommend Britannias, sovereignsQueen's Beasts or Lunar coins

Smaller gold bars often have higher premiums than their respective weight coins. Below, you can see how much more over spot price you will pay for smaller weight gold bars compared to coins. Even if your budget stretches to 1kg pre-owned bar for £52,637.29 we would still recommend coins over bars! 

Product Intrinsic Price Premium Price
1 oz Gold Bullion Coin Best Value - Secondary Market £1,614.50 from 2.05% from £1,645.95
1 oz Gold Bullion Coin Best Value - Minty £1,614.50 3.15% £1,663.70
1 Kg Gold Bar - Our Choice Pre-Owned £51,907.14 1.5% £52,637.29
100g Gold Bar Metalor Cast - Pre-Owned £5,190.60 2.6% £5,325.23
Metalor 1 oz Minted Gold Bullion Bar £1,614.50 from 3.1% from £1,663.01
Metalor 10g Minted Gold Bullion Bar £519.06 from 6% from £550.17

If you are interested in buying gold bars you can do so direct from the links below:

Metalor 100g Cast Gold Bullion Bar

100g Gold Bar

Premium: from 2%

Price: from £5,289.71

Metalor 1 oz Minted Gold Bullion Bar

1 Ounce Gold Bar

Stock Status - In Stock

Premium: from 3.1%

Price: from £1,663.01


If customers ask our advice we always recommend buying gold coins over gold bars. Both are exempt from VAT, but gold coins come with the added bonus of a CGT exemption. Coins offer greater flexibility when selling as fractional amounts can be sold rather than the full investment amount. This means you can take advantage of high gold prices multiple times and spread the risk. Coins also come with attractive designs whereas bars tend to be stamped with a refiner but that is usually all. There are a number of gold bars with designs but the premiums on these bars often make them more of a present and gift rather than an investment option. 

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