Coin Grading & Appraisal FAQ

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 4 Aug 2022

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023


As an established rare, collectable coin and bullion dealer for over 50 years, our expert numismatists are always happy to discuss your coins and collections.

Common questions about buying precious metals, how to sell to Chards and our new DigitAul service can all be found through our FAQ hub page. 

Do You Identify Coins?

We will be happy to identify any coin that you bring into our showroom and we ask that you contact us to book an appointment before coming in. If you are looking for certification or a formal response in print, we may charge a fee.

Do You Grade Coins?

We will grade any type of coin, although our expertise lies in UK coins of modern history (circa 1500A.D +). We have experience with the ancient coins of the Greco-Roman world and also those of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

We have a great network of dealers we can refer any query onto should our expertise be stretched. Please note we do not grade slabbed coins and are happy to issue you in writing any assigned grades and other conclusions. Please note, we are very conservative with our grading, therefore we may differ from other numismatists.

For more information you can visit our page on coin grading.

How Do I Know if I Have an Error Coin?

We would recommend contacting The Royal Mint as they will be able to verify your coin. However, most circulated coins are minted in the millions, if not billions, so it is not uncommon for there to be errors. If your coin has a "unique" error, then a collector who specialises in error coins may be willing to pay more than face value.  

How Much Is My Coin Worth?

We will be happy to make an offer on all coins. All offer prices are based on the live price of precious metals, our stock and demand. 

We have a lot of information about various UK coins on the following blogs including what we will pay for them:

If you are still unable to locate information you can always use live chat or call us on 01253 343081 . Alternatively send an email to [email protected].

What coin grades do we use?

  • British grading
  • CGS grading
  • Sheldon grading used in PCGS and NGC slabs.

What Is CGS Coin Grading?

In the UK CGS stands for "Coin Grading Service" and the services (with associated products) are sold with a promise of an independent assessment of grade, authenticity and attribution. The attribution bit is regarding any "type" or "variant" status and we imagine this would include, but is not limited to, anything from different portraits, inscriptions or commemorative one-off designs. 

What Is PCGS Coin Grading?

In the US PCGS stands for "Professional Coin Grading Service" and is marketed as the "standard for the rare coin industry". Dating back to the 80's it was a recognition that the industry needed a standard approach to grading scores and descriptions. The grading follows the Sheldon framework described below under NGC grading.

What Is NGC Grading?

NGC stands for "Numismatic Guaranty Corporation" and has been used in the US since the 1940's, with grading based on the Sheldon scale. This scale allows numismatists to grade coins on a number from 1 (denoting poor quality) to 70 (proof like). Coins with imperfections cannot be assigned a number but a "details" grade.

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