Selling to Chards FAQs

Selling Gold and Silver to Chards

With over 55 years experience in the precious metals industry, we make it easy and straightforward to sell precious metals by post, in our showroom; or without having to leave the house!

If you are thinking of selling to chards, we are always happy to make you an offer, with you being under no obligation to agree in which case we can arrange return postage to you (please note this is at your expense). 

Our other popular FAQ pages offer advice on buying from Chards and explain our new DigitAul services; whilst common questions about how to pay for gold and our delivery schedule can be found through our FAQ page. 

Rare and Collectable Gold Sovereign Coins

Can I Sell to Chards via the Post?

Our preferred option is the door to door service, also known as our distance buy-in service. This is a fully tracked and insured service, with your items arriving at our showroom in Blackpool the next day. Whilst you have the option to fix a sale price when your parcel is collected by the courier, we are happy to hold your items for up to a week before a fix is agreed. 

Alternatively, you can package up your items and post yourself! Complete a “Sell to Chards form”, posting this alongside the items you wish to sell, a description of the items and payment details. We recommend sending your items through Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service as each parcel is insured. If you would like guidance on how to package your items, how we inspect your items upon their arrival and what ID will be needed, we recommend you read our selling your items to Chards page. If you have further questions please call the showroom on 01253 343081

Do I Need To Book an Appointment?

Due to Covid-19 we are taking appointments for visits to the showroom. If you would like to make an appointment please call 01253 343081 , or email [email protected].

What Identification Do I Need (KYC)?

For certain transactions you will need to provide two valid forms of ID; a proof of name and a proof of address. We have detailed which forms of identification are needed when buying precious metals, and whilst a driving license, passport, utility bill and bank statement will usually suffice, more information can be found with HMRC

How Much Is My Coin Worth?

We will be happy to make an offer on all coins you wish to sell to us. Where the pricing of a product is dependent on the metal content all offer prices are based on the live price of precious metals, our stock levels and demand for the individual piece. 

We have a lot of information about various UK coins on the following blogs, including what we will pay for them:

If the coin you would like to sell to us is not shown above you can always talk to us via the live chat, call us on 01253 343081 , or feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Can I Fix a Price?

The price is fixed at the time we receive your items, although where applicable we provide the option for customers to fix prices earlier. Any prices quoted via the website, over the phone and via email are all indicative prices based on our buying premium, our stock levels and the live price of precious metals at the time you wish to sell. They are subject to change upon inspection of the received goods.

When Will Prices Not Be Fixed?

It is important that our customers know we may not fix our offer price in times of volatility, but we will fix our buy premiums.

What Are Your Buy Back Rates?

Our competitive buy back rates have been published for some of our most popular products, although these are based on items we consider to be bullion quality, with lower rates being offered for "grade C" items or scrap. We do encourage collectors and investors to bring in their coins to the showroom to be appraised in person by our expert numismatists. It is far easier to discuss face to face any conclusions we reach on collectable pieces. For those further afield we offer a fully insured distance buy in service, meaning you can sell your precious metals to us without leaving your house! 

Do You Charge Commission?

We do not charge commission on anything we buy. The price we quote is the price you will receive. Charges may be applied for certain payment methods such as CHAPS.

What Items Do You Buy?

We will make an offer on any gold and silver bars, coins or scrap you offer to us based on the current intrinsic value of the item. For rarer, or more collectable pieces, the item will be appraised by one of our numismatists prior to making an offer which may take a little time. It is then up to you to decide whether you are happy to sell.

Can I Be Payed Into Multiple Bank Accounts? 

We do not offer 3rd party payments. If you wish to have payments split over more than one person we will need the required forms of identification. The sale will go under the name of every individual involved in the transaction, and there may be a charge if you wish to have one sale split into multiple bank accounts owned by you. 

How Long Do Bank Transfers Take?

Bank transfers will be cleared, with funds in your account within 3 working days, there may be delays beyond out control with certain banks. Alternatively, we offer a same day CHAPS payments for a small fee of £30.

Can I Be Paid in Cash?

For those who wish to be paid in cash when selling their precious metals to us, we can offer payments in GBP, USD and EUR (if on site cash is available). We are happy to payout any amount in cash, however, if the amount surpasses £10,000 extra due diligence will need to be completed.

Why Is My Coin Selling For So Much On eBay?

Unfortunately, this is a query that we hear all too often. Whilst you can easily find precious metals across these third-party selling sites, there is nothing that authenticates the knowledge of the sellers pricing these coins, nor the legitimacy of the coins they are selling.  Often, these prices are the results of over enthusiastic reporters kickstarting a hysteria of new eBay coin listings for grossly incorrect prices. These are if but a few of the reasons to avoid these platforms when buying or selling your precious metals.

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