Selling Your Items to Chards - Key Terms

Author: Rochelle - Operations Manager

Published: 29 Apr 2019

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


If you are considering selling your precious metals to us, we would recommend reading these key terms as well as our Terms of Purchase. If you have any further questions, please call one of our team who will be happy to help.

Selling to Chards

  • You can contact us to inform us you wish to sell your items OR you may send your items when you are ready to sell, although we would always advise to contact us first. 
  • You may fix the live price of the precious metal for up to 24 hours. Note that the price is fixed and not necessarily our offer price. Our offer price may change upon inspection of the items.
  • If a price has been fixed and the items are not received within the allocated 24 hours, Chards may re-deal or charge an administration fee

How to Send Your Items to Chards

  • You can send the goods to us by 
  • Hand deliver at our showroom – no appointment necessary (note a numismatist may not be on site).
  • Send via insured delivery as organised by you. We advise that Royal Mail Special Delivery is used. They insure parcels up to £2,500. A “Sell to Chard” Form must be included with the description of the items that you wish to sell along with the payment details.
  • Send via insured delivery as organised by Chards (also known as The Buy In Service or a Distance Buy In). Parcels can be insured up to £20,000.

Read our Purchasing Terms for more information about Delivery.

How to Package the Items

If packaging the items, we advise that 

  • You do not cellotape the coins to cardboard, (it can leave a sticky residue).
  • Ensure the items are not rattling so they are not damaged in transit, as this can reduce the offer price.
  • Address the envelope simply to Chards. We would not recommend including “Coins and Bullion Dealer” on the envelope. 

Choosing the Buy In Service for Delivery

If choosing The Buy In Service / Distance Buy In option, you must

  • Contact Chards via telephone to confirm the items you wish to sell are eligible under the Distance Buy In.
  • Provide your details, including your mobile number, email address and date of birth.
  • Provide a date for the Chards Packaging to arrive and a date for the items to be collected. Note that the collection date must be within 6 days of your package delivery date.
  • Sign the Buy In Service form electronically to confirm all details.
  • Use Chards packaging as per the instructions, ensuring each parcel does not contain more than £20,000 worth of goods.
  • Be at the property for the courier to collect the items otherwise a charge may be incurred.
  • Agree that the cost of postage, will be deducted from the final offer price.
  • Optional – fix the price on the day the items are due to be collected 

Inspecting the Items on Arrival in the Showroom

  • Chards will inspect the coins, where possible, under a camera or in front of the customer where items have been hand delivered.
  • You may have to leave your items for inspection if a numismatist is unavailable. In this instance, a receipt will be given to you.
  • An item may be tested and or cleaned for us to inspect the item. In some instances, there may be a fee, or the offer price reduced. 

Read our Purchasing Terms for more information on Inspection.

Our Offer Price / Purchase Confirmation

  • The price for the goods will be based on the live price of precious metal at the time the parcel is opened or the current market value, where applicable.
  • Chards will inform the customer with an offer price (also known as a Purchase Confirmation) either by telephone or face-to-face if hand delivered to the showroom.
  • A Purchase Confirmation is valid for 48 hours, (the Acceptance Period). 
  • If a Purchase Confirmation is not accepted during the Acceptance Period, Chards may issue a revised Purchase Confirmation

Read our Purchasing Terms for more information on Purchase Confirmations.

Accepting Our Offer Price / Purchase Confirmation

  • You can accept or decline the Purchase Confirmation in writing, orally over the telephone or in person.
  • If you accept the Purchase Confirmation, Chards will send an email (a purchase order) to confirm that we are to buy your items.
  • Once you have accepted the Purchase Confirmation, Chards can re-sell the items. 

Read our Purchasing Terms for more information on Prices.

Declining Our Offer Price / Purchase Confirmation

  • You can accept or decline the Purchase Confirmation in writing, orally over the telephone or in person.
  • If you wish to decline the Purchase Confirmation, you must either collect your items or pay for return postage. Payment must be paid before the items are returned. Return postage will be fully insured on our insurance. 
  • Items must be collected or returned within 5 business days of the Purchase Confirmation being declined or 5 working days after the Acceptance Period has lapsed. After this time, the items will not be insured by Chards.
  • The items must be collected or return postage paid for within 28 days.
  • After 28 days, Chards will hold the items for a total of 6 months, at the cost of the customer. 
  • If after 6 months, the items have not been collected, Chards can dispose (selling them to a third party) of the items to cover the cost of storage. 

Payment for Your Items

  • Payment for the goods can be made by CHAPS, bank transfer, cheque or cash if available.
  • Payment by CHAPS is subject to a £20 charge and may not always be available.
  • Payment by bank transfer can take up to 3 working days, (unless otherwise specified), from once the purchase order has been accepted.
  • Payment by cash may be subject to a fee and will only be offered if the customer is in the showroom and can supply photographic identification.
  • All payments will be made direct to the customer.
  • Payments may be paid in instalments. If so, Chards will inform you at the time of the Purchase Confirmation.
  • If Chards overpays the customer in error, the customer must immediately repay the overpayment via the same method. 

Read our Purchasing Terms for more information about Payment.

Is Identification Required?

  • We require photographic identification for cash payments.
  • If the overall payment is £5,000 or more, Chards will ask the customer to supply two forms of identification, in line with HMRC requirements, of the following 
    • A valid photographic passport
    • A valid photographic driving license
    • A recent utility bill (dated within the last 3 months), with the current name and address of the customer 

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