Gold Bull Run Predicted for 2019

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 8 Feb 2019

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2023


There is a potential for a run on gold in 2019 as institutional investors have been piling in for months via physical and ETF purchases.

There is a potential for a run on gold this year as governments and central banks continue to buy in large reserves, ETF funds had a spectacular end to 2018 and inflows remain strong. If retail investors follow suit we could be in for a bumper year! 

Central banks maybe know something that Joe Public is unaware of as they have been buying at the highest rate for a decade as shown by the World Gold Council report and graph here:

World Gold Council Report - Central Bank Buying Rate in Tonnes

Here is the world gold council report on total inflows into gold backed ETF's (up to to January 2019): 

World Gold Council Report - Gold Backed ETF Inflows

Added to this we have high levels of uncertainty with the global economy and Brexit in the UK which naturally push investors into gold away from classic equities and bonds. 

All that remains is for gold to reach a tipping point of $1360 / tr oz, as pointed out by Ross Norman of sharps pixley in this article, and a media storm to take hold which could see retail investors pile in to join the institutional ones already there. Do however proceed with caution as any prediction can come undone! Here is the current live gold price and you can see we are not a million miles away from the target of $1360 which was last breached in March 2018 last year. 

Gold Price Last Hit $1360 in March 2018

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