Brexit Silver 50p and Gold Sovereign Coins Revealed!

Author: Corey McDowell - Economics Editor

Published: 27 Jan 2020

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


The Brexit Silver 50p and Gold Sovereign coins will be released on the 31st January 2020. We offer them cheaper than the Royal Mint's RRP!

Third Time Lucky for the British Government!

It turns out the third time is the charm for the British Government as The Royal Mint officially announced the 50 pence coin commemorating the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union will be released on the 31st January. The withdrawal bill was recently given royal assent to become law so officials were more confident this time that the date would be correct!

The Royal Mint will also issue a unique gold sovereign commemorating this event, which features an exclusive crowned portcullis privy mark. These coins are to be struck on the 31st January, hence they are known as "strike on the day" sovereigns.

Withdrawal from the European Union 2020 UK Coins

Brexit 50 Pence Coins - Silver Proof and Brillant Uncirculated

The Royal Mint announced that the Withdrawal from the European Union 2020 UK 50p Coin will be available as a brillant uncirculated cupro-nickel coin and as a silver proof coin. The base metal version has an unlimited issue limit whereas the silver proof version has a mintage limit of 47,000. The inscription on the reverse of these coins features this paraphrased quote from the former American President, Thomas Jefferson, followed by the date of 31 January 2020: 

“Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” 

Previous announcements on the release of this commemorative coin had to be backtracked by officials in a rather clumsy fashion as the withdrawal date was delayed twice. Originally the coin was to be issued on the 29th March 2019, but this was cancelled as it became increasingly obvious that the withdrawal process was going to be delayed. There was further embarrassment for the British Treasury as it was revealed they had to order the Royal Mint to melt down close to a million of these coins bearing the wrong withdrawal date. Although with the certainty of a withdrawal date now fixed in law, the chancellor Sajid Javid announced with confidence that it would be third time lucky with the issue of this coin!

Brilliant Uncirculated

Silver Proof


Brexit Gold Sovereigns - Strike on the Day

The Royal Mint will also issue a unique sovereign commemorating the British withdrawal from the European Union. This special sovereign features an exclusive crowned portcullis privy mark. Only a maximum of 1,500 of these coins will be minted! The sovereign is issued in brilliant uncirculated condition and will be struck on 31st January, 2020, the day the UK leaves from the EU.

The coin's obverse shows the fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by the artist Jody Clark and the reverse features Benedetto Pistrucci's famous St George and the Dragon engraving, first used on sovereigns in 1817. The crowned portcullis privy mark can be found to the left of the date.

Brilliant Uncirculated

Controversial Coins

Not everyone seems to be happy with this announcement though. Some politicians who advocated Britain remaining in the EU have vowed to reject the use of this coin, citing how “divisive” it is. Chards does not want to make any comment on the politics surrounding these commemorative coins, however, should anyone be uncomfortable using or possessing them they can post them to us at the following address:

Chards Coin & Bullion, 32-36 Harowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ

We suspect most people will be fairly indifferent if they happen to receive this coin in their change. If you happen to come across one with an incorrect withdrawal date you might find its worth a lot more than just 50 pence to a collector or a numismatist! 

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