New Wallace and Gromit 50p Coins

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 6 Nov 2019

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2023


The Royal Mint are celebrating 30 years since we welcomed Wallace and Gromit into our lives with A Grand Day Out. This cracking duo will be making their first appearance.

Silver Proof Wallace and Gromit Coin

First UK Wallace and Gromit Coin

Everyone’s favourite claymation duo now have their very own fifty pence coin! The Royal Mint are celebrating 30 years since we first welcomed Wallace and Gromit into our homes in the short film, A Grand Day Out. To mark the huge milestone this cracking duo are appearing on silver proof and brilliant uncirculated fifty pence coins. Read on to find out more...

30 Years of "A Grand Day Out"

It's been three decades since Wallace and Gromit were introduced to the world. Since then they have appeared in a total four short films, a feature length movie, a theme park ride at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, several video games, comic books and even a play. It's fair to say they're loved by the nation! 

Creating Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit was created by Nick Park, an animator from Preston. In 1982, he started work on a short film as part of his final university project. After six years the film eventually became “A Grand Day Out”. The appearance of the characters changed greatly from his original concept; Wallace started out with a flat cap and a moustache, whilst Gromit was originally a cat! During production Nick Park offered Peter Sallis just £50 to voice Wallace, and was surprised when the actor accepted his offer.

A Grand Day Out was released in 1989 and tells the story of Yorkshire man and aspiring inventor, Wallace, and his anthropomorphic canine companion, Gromit. On a bank holiday Monday the pair decide to venture to the moon in their orange rocket ship in search of cheese. The film was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 1990 Academy Awards but lost out to another Nick Park creation, Creature Comforts.


Wallace and Gromit 50p Coin Design

When news of the coin broke back in October, we were unsure whether there would be two coins; one with Wallace on and the other with Gromit.  We can now confirm there's just one coin, with both characters on.

Nick Park Design

The reverse design features artwork from creator Nick Park who teamed up with Aardman Animations to finalise the design. It shows the duo looking out from the porthole of their rocket. The initials N.P. appear on the right side of the coin. 

Cheese Lovers Unite

We all know Wallace and Gromit are big cheese lovers, with a strong affection for Wensleydale in particular. The coin features the Latin text ‘Caseus Praestans’ at the top, which translates to ‘Cracking Cheese’.

Silver Proof Wallace and Gromit 50p Reverse

Presentation Packaging

Brilliant Uncirculated Wallace and Gromit Coin

Rocket Ship Display

Something worth noting about these coins is the packaging. The Brilliant Uncirculated Coin comes sealed in a magnetic rocket ship. The back of the packaging folds into a stand so you can place your Wallace and Gromit 50p onto it – the perfect display for the coin!

The silver proof version comes in a perspex presentation block with the outline of the orange rocket ship on it. This is the perfect way for you to display your coin whilst keeping it safe. 

Will the Wallace and Gromit 50p Coin Be Rare?

There has been much speculation about whether the coins will enter circulation or not. 

How to Own One of the Coins

The Royal Mint have confirmed the coin will not be entered into circulation so the only way to own the coin is to purchase the Brilliant Uncirculated or the Silver Proof fifty pence coins. Unless someone removes the coin from the packaging, you wouldn't find one in your change. 

Brilliant Uncirculated Wallace and Gromit 50p Reverse


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