South African Gold Krugerrand Coin Technical Information & Specifications

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 26 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 8 Jun 2023


Welcome to our gold Krugerrand technical information and specifications You can find all of our gold Krugerrands by clicking here and browsing the online catalogue. 

South African Gold Krugerrand Coin Technical Information & Specifications

History of the Gold Krugerrand

The Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin which was issued in the standard weight of one troy ounce (31.1035 grams). This was ideal for smaller investors looking to purchase gold bullion in the accessible form of coins with a standard weight which would be easy to buy and sell all over the world. The Krugerrand became one of the most easily recognised investment gold coins.

To view more about the history of the gold Kruger from when it was first introduced in 1967, click here.

Obverse of the Krugerrand

The obverse of the Kruger shows the bust of Paul Kruger, the President of the Afrikaner South African Republic from 1883-1900, facing left. This was deisgned by Otto Shultz. It is from this where the name "Kruger-Rand" evolved. Kruger for the president followed by the national currency of South Africa, the rand. 

Reverse of the Krugerrand

 The reverse shows a Springbok designed by Coert Steynberg. 

1974 Gold Krugerrand

The design stays the same from year to year. The only variations which currently exists are the added privy marks to celebrate the anniversaries of the bullion Krugerrand. 

You may also see frosted reverses and obverses on some Krugers. 

Edge of the Krugerrand

The Kruger has a milled edge. The number of serrations used on each size coin varies as well as on each finish. The 1oz Kruger is has 160 serrations, with some versions having 188 and some 220. You can view more about serrations in our blog here.

Metal Content of the Gold Krugerrand

The gold Krugerrand contains 22ct gold, fineness of 0.917. The gold Kruger equates to 11/12-part gold, with the remainder 1/12 parts copper. The added copper gives the gold Kruger a reddish tone. The 22ct gold used makes the Kruger more durable as well as taking the weight of the whole coin, over a troy ounce to 33.9305 grams. 

Fraction Gold Krugerrands

From 1980, three more sizes were introduced, these were the half, quarter, and tenth ounce sizes. The fraction coins still contain the same ratio of 22ct gold to copper.

Fractional Krugerrands

Krugerrand Gold Content

The following table summarises the gold content of all the sizes.

Size Weight / grams Fineness / 1.000 Gold Content / grams Gold Content / troy ounces
Full 33.9305 .917 31.104 1
Half 16.9653 .917 15.552 1/2
Quarter 8.4826 .917 7.776 1/4
Tenth 3.3931 .917 3.110 1/10

Technical Specifications

Below shows a table of tolerances for the gold Krugerrand family for the weight, diameter and thickness. The edge shows the number of serrations.

Size Remedy (Grams) Min Diameter (mm) Max Diameter (mm) Min Thick (mm) Max Thick (mm) Edge
1 oz + 0.07 32.61 32.77 2.74 2.84 160*
1/2 oz + 0.035 26.93 27.07 2.115 2.215 185*
1/4 oz + 0.02 21.94 22.06 1.788 1.888 150*
1/10 oz + 0.01 16.45 16.55 1.25 1.35 115

Face Value of the Gold Krugerrand

The gold Kruger has a legal tender status in South Africa although there is no denomination on the coin. The Kruger has an ounce denomination and half ounce denomination and so on for the fraction sizes. This means that the face value of the Kruger is the value of the gold at the time it is traded. 

Buy & Sell Krugerrands in the UK

The Krugerrand is not exempt from Capital Gains Tax which may be a drawback for some investors in the UK. However, cheap Krugerrand coins are often one of the most popular ways to buy gold bullion coins. Our current offer price for sale is from £1,621.59 for our 1 oz Krugerrand Gold Coin Best Value - Secondary Market. Our current buy back price is £1,557.

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