Krugerrand Spelling and Misspelling

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 9 Sep 2018

Last Updated: 3 May 2023


However you spell Krugerrands, they spell out an efficient way to purchase gold at a low premium.

If your simply looking to buy Krugerrands please follow these links to bullion Krugerrands and to dated Krugerrand coins.

You may have found this page by mis-spelling Krugerrands. We have seen so many different spellings, and heard so many different pronounciations, that we decided to maintain a list of them.

The Many Different Spellings & Pronounciations of Krugerrands

  • crugerand
  • Crugerrand1974krugerrandrev240
  • crugerands
  • Crugerrands
  • Krugurrand
  • Kruger
  • Krugerand
  • Krugererand
  • Krugerands
  • Krugererands
  • Krugar
  • Krugger
  • Kruggar
  • Krueggerand
  • Krueggerand
  • 2000krugerhalfrev198Kruegerrand (German)
  • Kruegerrands (German)
  • Kruerrand (eBay)
  • krugarand
  • Krugurrand
  • Kruggarand
  • Kruggerand
  • Krugerrand
  • Krügerrand (German)
  • Krügerrands (German)
  • Krüggerrand
  • Kruggerrand
  • Kruger rand
  • Krugger rand
  • Krugarrand
  • Kruggerarand1981krugerquarterrev162
  • Krugrand
  • Krugrands
  • Kugram
  • Kugrand
  • Kugerands
  • Kugerrand
  • kuggarand
  • kuggarands
  • kuggerland
  • kuggerrand
  • kuggerrands
  • Krug rand
  • Krugerraand2000krugertenthrev121
  • Kurgerrand (this was a typo in one of our own pages)
  • kurerand (believe it or not - on eBay!)
  • kuggerlands



Even the BBC Gets it Wrong!

On the BBC website, under the History Channel section, the programme "This Sceptered Isle" mis-spells the name of the President of the Transvaal, Paul Kruger after whom the Kruger National Park and the Krugerrand are named (emphesis ours):

The Boer War Turns the Century 

In 1899 the Second Boer War started. Cecil Rhodes instructed Dr Jameson to invade the Transvaal and overthrow the President, Paul Krugger. This invasion failed but relations between Britain and the Afrikaners worsened. Rhodes wanted a United South Africa and a Cape to Cairo Railway running through British territory all the way. Krugger wanted the Transvaal to remain Afrikaner. 
Krugger and the Boers felt their way of life was threatened by the British and war broke out in 1898. The Boers laid siege to Ladysmith, Mafeking and Kimberley. They tried to capture the towns but failed and retreated. The British gained the upper hand and annexed The Orange Free State and the Transvaal. Krugger fled. The British thought they had won but the Boers now embarked on a guerilla campaign. The war finally ended in 1906. 

Advice on Buying & Selling Krugerrands

We would strongly advise that you avoid buying or selling Krugerrands from anybody who can't even spell Krugerrand, after all if you can't trust them to spell the word properly, how can you trust them to give you the best deal?

Thanks and Acknowledgements

We owe thanks to John Katz, the joint author of The Goldwatcher for pointing out that krugerrand should be spelt with a capital K, so Krugerrand. My first reaction was to take this as a slur on my spelling ability, my second action was to check it out, first on Wikipedia, which shows it capitalised, but also in our copy of OED, which also agrees about capitalisation. So I humbly stand corrected. It's good to know I still learn something every single day - LC.

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