2020 Perth Mint Bullion Coins

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 2 Sep 2019

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2023


It's that time of year again! The 2020 Perth Mint bullion coins have been unveiled, and we have to say, we're very impressed with this year's designs!

It's that time of year again! The 2020 Perth Mint bullion coins have been unveiled, and we have to say, we're very impressed with this year's designs! Not only is there a 30th Anniversary Kookaburra with a double-sided kookaburra design, but the mint has also kicked off the third series of the lunar coins with the Year of the Mouse. Read on to find out more.  

Perth Mint 2020 Bullion Coins

Series III - Lunar Year of the Mouse

We've been waiting for this one! When the Perth Mint's second series of lunar coins ended this year with the 2019 Year of the Pig, we were wondering how the designs for Series III would differ. The answer is actually quite a lot. Overall the new coins have a much more modern appearance; there's no more border which allows the animal design to take up more of the space so we can really appreciate the design. 

The coins are released on 9th September 2019 and, as with previous years, the Perth Mint designer Ing Ing Jong designed the coins. 

2020 Gold Mouse Reverse

2020 Gold Year of the Mouse

The gold coin shows a mouse climbing up a stalk of wheat, with the Chinese character for "mouse" and "MOUSE 2020" written in the field.

The coin sizes are 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz and 10oz. The Perth Mint are no longer issuing the 1kg bullion size. 

2020 Silver Year of the Mouse

The silver coin has two mice amongst some corn. Again, the Chinese character and text appears in the background. 

These coins are available in 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 5oz and 1kg sizes. Interestingly, the mint is no longer issuing a 10oz version of the coin.

A 10kg coin will be issued in early 2020. 

2020 Silver Mouse Reverse


This is certainly a special design! Available from 1st October, the 2020 Kookaburras celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the coins. To celebrate such a big event, the coin features a kookaburra on the reverse, and interestingly, on the obverse also.

Only 500,000 of the 1oz coins will be issued, making this a coin not to miss! 

2020 Kookaburra Reverse

2020 30th Anniversary Kookaburra Reverse

The reverse of the coin shows a kookaburra perched on a roof top, with rays of light in shining in the background. The text reads:


2020 30th Anniversary Kookaburra Obverse

The obverse features another kookaburra, perched on a tree trunk, as designed by Stuart Devlin. Something we don't see very often is that the kookaburra is the main image on the obverse, with the Queen's portrait relegated to a small area at the top of the coin - we can't help but think the Australians may prefer the kookaburra to the Queen!

We actually really like that the mint has done the design. It sets the coin apart from all other years and makes it a truly special design to mark the 30th anniversary. 

2020 Kookaburra Obverse


We can't wait for November 4th when all the 2020 gold and silver kangaroo coins will be released. 

2020 Gold Kangaroo Reverse

2020 Gold Kangaroo

The 2020 gold kangaroo reverse shows an adult kangaroo, with a joey in the background. They are framed by native Australian grass trees. This design is featured on the 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz and 1oz  version of the coins. It was designed by Aleysha Howarth.

As usual, the one kilo version of the coin features the red kangaroo obverse, the same as the silver kangaroo design below. 

With the 1oz and 1kg version have unlimited mintage figures, the rest are limited. There will be 100,000 half ounce coins, 150,000 quarter ounce coins and 200,000 tenth ounce coins.  

Silver Kangaroo

The 2020 silver kangaroo design has not changed from previous years. It does however contain a micro engraved security feature. In previous years it was hidden in the 'A' of 'AUSTRALIAN'. 

2020 Silver Kangaroo Reverse


The final release is the koala coins, which will be available from 6th January, 2020. These coins are only available in one ounce and one kilo sizes. In the past, the mint has issued half ounce and ten ounce versions. 

2020 Koala Reverse

2020 Koala

The 2020 silver koala reverse was designed by the Perth Mint designer, Ing Ing Jong, who is also responsible for the Perth Mint's lunar coin designs.  

This adorable coin features a koala sat on a tree trunk. The Perth Mint coins are popular year after year due to their adorable designs. 

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