The Perfect Coin for Special Events in 2017

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 31 Dec 2016

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Coins are a lasting gift for those special occasions that will be celebrated in 2017. Published - January 2016.

A Coin for Every Special Occasion

If you or someone you know will be celebrating a special event in 2017, we have a range of coins that would make the perfect gift for every occasion. Not only will it have a monetary value, but a coin is also steeped in art and history. Here are a few of our suggestions for Birthdays, Anniversaries or other major milestones. 

Please note that we have limited stock of some of the coins and coin sets. Order early to avoid disappointment.

1917 - 100 Years, 100th Birthday, Centenary Events

1917 Sovereign

We sell 1917 George V sovereigns, struck in 22 carat gold, this coin contains 0.2354 troy ounces of gold. We have sovereigns available from different mints in a variety of grades. Many of these British circulation coins were melted down to help finance the First World War so the ones that are available are very special.

1917 and 2017 Coin Bundles

For an extra special gift, you could combine this centenary event with two sovereigns, one from 1917 and one from 2017. The 2017 uncirculated sovereign features a privy mark commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the First Modern Sovereign.

Combine the 1917 George V Sovereign with the 2017 Elizabeth II Sovereign

1927 - 90 Years, 90th Birthday

1927 British Coin Set

1927 British Coin Set

Contains the 8 coins which were used in circulation coinage in 1927. These were the halfcrown, florin, shilling (two variations, English and Scottish), sixpence, penny, halfpenny and farthing.

1927 George V Wreath Crown

The Wreath crowns were issued in the King's reign in 1927 until 1936. Only 15,030 of these silver coins were issued in 1927, these were sought after by coin collectors.

1927 George V Wreath Crown

1927 George V Sovereign

This 1927 George V sovereign was originally issued with a face value of just one pound for circulation in Commonwealth countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This 22 carat gold coin is available in a selection of grades.

1937 - 80 Years, 80th Birthday

1937 George VI Coronation 15 Coin Proof Set

Issued for George Vi's coronation, this 15 coin set comes in it's original red leather case; these coins are struck to a proof finish. The set contains the half-crown, florin, English shilling, Scottish shilling, sixpence, silver threepence, brass threepence, penny, halfpenny and farthing. The Maundy coins also form part of this set. 

1937 George VI Coin Set - Average Plus

This 10 coin set contains coins which were in circulation. The ten pre-decimal coin types, halfcrown, florin, English shilling, Scottish shilling, penny, sixpence, silver and brass threepences, halfpenny and farthing. The silver threepence is a 'key' date as it was issued with a low mintage.

1937 George VI Coin Set - Average Plus

1937 George VI Coronation Crown

During the reign of King George VI there were only two crowns issued: the first was the 1937 Coronation crown and the second was the 1951 Festival of Britain crown. The 1937 Coronation crown bears a large crowned shield design with supporting beasts.

1947 - 70 Years, 70th Birthday

1947 Mexico 50 Pesos Gold Coin

1947 Mexico 50 Pesos Gold Coin 

The Mexican 50 Pesos was one of the few gold coins issued globally in 1947. The obverse features 'The Angel of Independence' symbolising Mexico's independence from Spain. This gold coin is struck in 0.900 fineness and contains 1.2057 troy ounces of gold. Click here to view our bullion gold Pesos 

1947 Chile 100 Pesos Gold Coin

This attractive Chilean gold coin feauture a laureate female head representing the Republic draped in a Chilean dress, with the inscription REPUBLICA DE CHILE. This coin is struck in 0.900 fineness and contains 0.5886 troy ounces of gold.

1947 Chilean 100 Pesos Gold Coin

1947 Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin

1947 Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin

This is the second type of Swiss 20 Franc gold coin. It is known as "Vreneli" or "Vrenelli". The obverse has a female head with plaited hair, a garland of edelweiss flowers and the inscription HELVETIA above. The reverse features a swiss cross on an ornate shield over an oak branch with ribbons. The value 20 FR appears at the sides of the shield, and the date below. This type was issued from 1897 to 1935, then again in 1947 and 1949. The model for the portrait was Francoise Engli. We have a page for a swiss 20 franc bullion if you wish to buy and be issued a random date.

1957- 60 Years, 60th Birthday, Diamond Wedding Anniversary

1957 Elizabeth II Maundy Coin Set

1957 Elizabeth II Maundy Coin Set

Each year, the reigning monarch personally hands out Maundy coins to a number of deserving members of the community. The number of recipients corresponds with the monarch's age. In 1957, Elizabeth II had been on the throne for four years and was only 30 years old. This Maundy set of four silver coins is sold without the original case.

1957 Elizabeth II Sovereign

The sovereign was reintroduced as a gold bullion coin in 1957, the mintage of the 1957 sovereign was relatively low, 2,072,000. We usually have a small number of these sovereigns available. If not, ask to join our Wish List, you will be offered the coins when they are in stock before they go onto the website.

1967 - 50 Years, Golden Wedding Anniversary, 50th Birthday

1967 Elizabeth II Sovereign

We have a selection of 1967 Elizabeth II gold sovereigns available. These British 22 carat gold coins are a popular choice for a 50th birthday or anniversary.

1977 - 40 Years, 40th Birthday 

1977 British Coin Set - Standard Proof Set

This British decimal proof coin set contains the commemorative 25 pence crown, and the six circulating coins, 50 pence, 10 pence, 5 pence, 2 pence, 1 penny, and half penny. 

1977 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Commemorative Crown

This crown was issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne in 1952. Both the obverse and reverse engravings are by Arnold Machin.

1977 Hong Kong Year of the Snake Gold $1,000 Coin

1977 Hong Kong Year of the Snake Gold Proof $1,000 Coin

This Year of the Snake coin is the second coin of the Hong Kong lunar series, which began in 1976 with the Year of the Dragon lunar coin. This coin is struck in 22 carat gold and contains 0.4708 troy ounce of gold. This coin is issued in either an uncirculated or a proof finish.

1987 - 30 Years, 30th Birthday

1987 British Coin Set

This seven coin proof set features the circulation coins from 1987; one pound, 50 pence, 20 pence, 10 pence, 5 pence, 2 pence and 1 penny. The sets come in a presentation pack and are available as both the Standard and the Deluxe proof sets.

1987 USA Eagles

These bullion coins are issued by the US Mint and are loved by coin collectors. Containing 1 Troy ounce of silver, these uncirculated coins are struck in 0.999 fineness.

1987 Britannia Gold Proof 4 Coin Set 

In 1987, the Royal Mint introduced the Britannia. Issued in 22 carat gold as a competitor to the Krugerrand and other one ounce gold bullion coins. This proof set contains four coins; one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce. The reverse design is the classic standing Britannia by Philip Nathan.

1992 - 25 Years, 25th Birthday, Silver Wedding Anniversaries

1992 British Coin Set Deluxe Proof

1992 British Coin Set Deluxe Proof

This 1992 British coin set contains 8 coins which were issued for circulation, these coins are struck in a proof finish. The coins are the EC fifty pence, issued to commemorate the UK's presidency of the European Community from 1992 to 1993, which is also dual dated 1992 - 1993, Britannia fifty pence, one pound coin with oak tree within a crown, both sizes of ten pence, 20 pence, 5 pence, 2 pence, and 1 penny.

More 1992 Coins and Coin Sets:

1992 USA Silver Eagle

1992 Britannia Gold Proof 4 Coin Set

1996 - 21 Years, 21st Birthday

1996 South African New Constitution One Ounce Protea Gold Proof Coin

1996 South African New Constitution One Ounce Protea Coin

Struck in 22 carat gold, this one ounce proof finish coin was issued to commemorate the New Constitution. The protea flower symbolises the hand of the people.

1996 European Football Championships Two Pound Coins

In 1996, England hosted the 1996 European Football Championships. This two pound coin was issued to celebrate the event. This coin is available as a loose uncirculated coin, as a silver proof coin and as a gold proof coin. Did you know that there is an error gold proof coin which catalogues at over £1,700? The error coin has a flat surface due to an incorrect die being used. 

1996 European Football Championships £2 Coin - available in Unc, Silver Proof, Gold Proof

More 1996 Coins and Coin Sets:

1996 British Coin Set

1996 British Sovereign 3 Coin Set

1997 - 20 Years, 20th Birthday

1997 Golden Wedding Crown

1997 Golden Wedding Crown

This 1997 British crown pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip who are represented on both sides of the coin. This engraving of the couple's profiles was designed by Philip Nathan. This coin is available uncirculated in folder and as a silver proof coin in a presentation box.

1997 Bi-Metallic Two Pound Coin

In 1997, the Royal Mint introduced the bi-metallic two pound coin. The reverse design comprises four concentric circles radiating from the centre of the coin. It epitomises mankind's extraordinary drive, determination and creative genius from the Iron Age to the Internet. This coin is available in uncirculated, brilliant uncirculated, silver proof, silver proof piedfort and gold proof.

More 1997 Coins and Coin Sets:

1997 British Coin Set

1997 Gold Proof Sovereign

1997 US Eagle 1oz Silver Coin

1999 - 18 Years, 18th Birthday

1999 Britannia Coin

The finish on the Britannia 1oz silver uncirculated coins is particularly fine. This coin is struck in Britannia silver, 0.958 fineness, with a reverse design by Philip Nathan which is reminiscent of Boudicca (Boadicea). 

1999 Rugby World Cup Two Pound Coin

This 1999 two pound coin was issued to commemorate the 1999 Rugby World Cup. The reverse engraving was designed by medallist Ron Dutton. It symbolises a stadium and the distinctively shaped rugby ball and posts. We have the silver proof piedfort coin which has a hologram reverse which was the first time this was used on a British coin.

More 1999 Coins and Coin Sets:

1999 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Sovereign

1999 British Coin Set

1999 US Eagle 1oz Silver Uncirculated Coin

1999 Scottish Lion £1

2017 Coins

Of course, you may wish to celebrate these milestone events with a coin from 2017. We have a fantastic range of 2017 coins and coin sets from circulation to commemorative, bullion to proof, cupro-nickel, silver and gold.

This is a small selection from our range of 2017 Coins

Further Notes

If a coin is sold as a 'loose coin', we can supply a protective capsule and a velvet pouch for a small additional fee, ask for details.

Visit our website chards.co.uk for more suggestions. We have included only a small selection of gift ideas. If you have something special in mind call us on 01253 343081 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

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