1937 Whole Coin Set UK George VI Coronation Proof

1937 Whole Coin Set UK George VI Coronation Proof

This 1937 George VI 15 coin proof set was issued to celebrate the King's coronation. The set comes in it's original dark red leather presentation box which is lined with satin and velvet.


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These coins were struck to a proof finish using highly polished dies and are of the finest quality. This 15 coin proof set contains the 11 circulation coins as well as the 4 silver coin Maundy set. The denomination of the circulation coinage are the Coronation crown, half-crown, florin, English shilling, Scottish shilling, sixpence, silver threepence, brass threepence, penny, halfpenny and farthing.

Only 2 crowns were issued during King George VI's reign; the 1937 Coronation Crown and the 1951 Festival of Britain Crown. 

The obverse of the coins in this set feature the bare head of George VI facing left. The engraver's initials HP for Thomas Humphrey Paget appear below the portrait.  

The legend GEORGIUS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX appears on the Coronation crown, half crown, florin, English and Scottish shillings, sixpence and silver threepence. 

It appears as GEORGIUS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX F:D:IMD:IMP on the brass threepence, penny, halfpenny and farthing.

The reverse varies on the individual coins as listed below:

Coronation crown - Large crowned shield supported by a lion and a unicorn by George Kruger Gray

Halfcrown - Quartered shield with crowned monograms on either side by George Kruger Gray

Florin - Tudor rose topped with large crown, thistle to the left, shammrock to the right by George Kruger Gray

English shilling - Crowned lion standing on large crown by George Kruger Gray

Scottish shilling - Lion holding sceptre and sword sat on large crown by George Kruger Gray

Sixpence - Crowned monogram of the King by George Kruger Gray

Brass Threepence - Quartered shield over Tudor rose by George Kruger Gray

Penny - Britnnia with shield and trident by Charles Walter Coombes

Halfpenny - Sailing ship by Thomas Humphrey Paget

Farthing - Wren by Harold Wilson Parker