Collectable Coins and Bullion Investments for 2020

Author: Emily Phelps - Commemorative Coin Editor

Published: 27 Feb 2020

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Coin manufacturers have already been busy issuing scores of commemorative coins, fresh entries into the Lunar Series and classic gold sovereigns. With all this already being released, we believe 2020 is going to be a big year for coin collectors. We’re hoping our top picks of 2020 will help coin collectors choose what we believe to be the best releases so far. From all the coins we have already seen this year, these are the popular purchases that won't break the bank. 

2020 gold nugget coin

The Lunar Series

Chinese New Year is being celebrated with the release of gold and silver coins commemorating the Rat, this year's zodiac animal that maintains associations with wealth and excess.  

2020 Year of the Rat Gold Coin

Year Of The Rat 

The Year of the Rat reverse was designed by P.J. Lynch who said she wanted to capture the intelligence of the rat. Although it is Year of the Rat, the Mouse is also being recognised with its own gold and silver coins also designed by Ing Ing Jong. The Lunar Series coins are extremely popular with collectors due to their intricate, timeless aesthetics. 

A Historical Investment 

First issued in 1817, the Sovereign coin is a favourite among both British and international investors and collectors.

The 2020 Sovereign

The gold sovereign is one of the oldest struck coins and is still issued every year as a bullion or proof item. Sovereigns are known as ‘safe heaven assets’ to investors, protecting against economic uncertainty, whilst also being VAT and CGT exempt. You can find the 2020 sovereign collection here. 

2020 gold sovereign benedetto pistrucci st George and the dragon

The Brexit Coin

Friday 31st January 2020 was a historic day for Great Britain as a majority vote of 2016 referendum saw the UK leave the European Union.  

Brexit 50 pence 2020

Withdrawal From the EU 50 Pence 

Great Britain became a member of the European Economic Community in 1973 and a commemorative 50 pence was released to mark the occasion. Now, 40 years on, there is another 50 pence being issued to celebrate the nation leaving the union. The new Brexit 50 pence features the inscription ‘PEACE, PROSPERITY AND FRIENDSHIP WITH ALL NATIONS’ and ‘31 JANUARY 2020’, with the obverse featuring the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by Jody Clark. 

Remembering an Iconic Monarch 

King George III, one of the longest reigning monarchs is being honoured with a commemorative £5 coin. 

George III £5

During his time on the throne, George III had a major influence on coinage, with the first modern Sovereign being introduced, and seeing US independence and Great Britain and Ireland become "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland". 

2020 £5 King George III

Icon Of A Nation

Britannia coins are similar to Sovereign bullions with both being held in high regards by knowledgeable investors.

2020 Britannia 1oz gold coin

2020 Gold Britannia 

Britannia coins are issued yearly with the traditional standing Britannia design, with the 2008 variety seeing a unique depiction of the national icon. The 2020 Gold Britannia kept the classic reverse designed by Phillip Nathan and Jody Clark’s fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Taking To The Stage 

Perhaps one of the most iconic bands in music history, the British band Queen are sharing a coin with Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen, The Band: Legends Of Music Series

Starting their career and path to stardom in the 1970’s and shocking the music industry with their flamboyant stage presence and risky interviews. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon comprised Queen and are known the world over as legends. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, a coin featuring the bands' instruments has been released and is a big hit with Queen fans. 

2020 legends of music queen £5 coin

The Lunar Series

Introduced in 2007, the Perth Mint Koala coins are always a huge hit with coin thanks to their cute designs and the collectable status the series has maintained. 

2020 silver koala 1kg lunar series

The 2020 Koala

The 2020 Koala has only been issued as 1 ounce and 1 kilogram silver coins. Year of the Rat and Mouse coins are also included in the Lunar Series. Ing Ing Jong is responsible for designing the reserves for the Lunar Coin Series with the obverse featuring the Australian coinage Queen Elizabeth II portrait. 

Annual Coin Sets 

The 2020 Annual Coin Set marks historic milestones that celebrate their anniversary this year. 

2020 United Kingdom Annual Coin Set 

Annual coin sets allow collectors to get first looks at some of the commemorative coins that will be realised in 2020.   

2020 annual coin set the royal mint

Regal Ancestory 

The Lion of Mortimer is the eighth coin in the highly popular Queen’s Beast Series.

2020 gold lion of mortimer gold queens beast series

Queen’s Beasts Lion of Mortimer  

Comprising mythical creatures that form a part of the Queens royal ancestry, the series launched in 2017 with the Lion of England. Since then, a total of seven beasts with the White Lion of Mortimer being the latest. 

2020 has already many coin releases so we are hoping there will be many more to come. We are hoping to see more additions to the Lunar SeriesQueens Beast Collections and new 50 pence pieces.

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