Introducing the 2018 Australian Bullion Programme

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 28 Aug 2017

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Discover the latest designs and release dates for the Perth Mint's 2018 Australian Bullion Programme in our blog.

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Introducing the 2018 Australian Bullion Programme

The Perth Mint of Australia have launched their 2018 Bullion Coin programme of gold and silver coins.

Coin collectors and investors eagerly anticipate the new designs and we are sure the 2018 Australian coins will meet your expectations. The coins feature beautiful designs with exceptionally high finishes at competitive premiums. The uncirculated coins are minted using processes which combine polished and matt finishes on the coins which is particularly attractive.

All of the Perth Mint coins, with the exception of the 2018 silver Kangaroo, are issued in storage capsules providing protection from scratching and scuffing.

2018 Australian Lunar Year of the Dog

Probably the most eagerly awaited coins of the whole programme, the Australian Lunar coins are a favourite with collectors all over the world. High prices are often achieved for coins from Series I. In 2018, the Chinese New Year officially begins on the 16th February 2018 and lasts until 4 February 2019. This will be the Year of the Dog.

Struck in 99.9 silver fineness and 999.9 gold fineness, the Series II 2018 Year of the Dog coins feature beautiful designs which will be particularly popular with dog lovers. The Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. There are five different types of dogs; wood, fire, earth, gold and water. 2018 Year of the Dog is the earth dog. People born under this sign are deemed to be loyal, amiable, responsible, great communicators and hard working. Read our 2018 Year of the Dog blog to find out more.

The reverse of the gold coin features Australia’s most popular dog, the Labrador retriever standing on rocks with a branch of stylized pine tree to the side. The coin features the Chinese Year of the Dog symbol and the legend ‘Year of the Dog’ at the base of the coin.


2018 Australian Lunar Year of the Dog Bullion Coins

The reverse design of the silver lunar coin features a German Shepherd lying on the grass with a puppy. A branch of peony flowers is shown to the left of the coin with the Chinese Year of the Dog symbol to the left in the field. Peonies are known as the ‘king of the flowers’ in Chinese culture and symbolize riches and wealth. The legend ‘Year of the Dog’ is placed at the base of the coin.


2018 Australian Lunar Year of the Dog Silver Coins

The engravings for both the silver and gold 2018 Year of the Dog bullion coins have been designed by Ing Ing Jong.

The lunar range is due for release on 11 September 2017 and will be available for purchase after that date. Please note that delivery of different weights is often released over a number of months. We will keep you updated with expected delivery dates on our website.


Metal Weight Maximum Mintage
Gold 1/20 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/10 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/4 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/2 oz Unlimited
Gold 1 oz 30,000
Gold 2 oz Unlimited
Gold 10 oz  Unlimited
Gold 1 kilo Unlimited
Silver 1/2 oz Unlimited
Silver 1 oz 300,000
Silver 2 oz Unlimited
Silver 5 oz Unlimited
Silver 10 oz Unlimited
Silver 1 kilo Unlimited
Silver 10 kilos 100


2018 Australian Gold Kangaroo

The 2018 Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coins - one-tenth to one ounce - feature a design of two bounding kangaroos against a stylised landscape by Neil Hollis. His initials NH are set in the wavy band to the left of the design. The coins bears the inscriptions ‘AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO’, the date ‘2018’, ‘9999 GOLD’ together with the weight of the coin.

The 2018 Kangaroo is issued in five different weights, from one-tenth to one kilo. The one kilo coin bears the classic kangaroo design by Stuart Devlin.


2018 Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins


Metal Weight Maximum Mintage
Gold 1/20 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/10 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/4 oz Unlimited
Gold 1/2 oz Unlimited



2018 Australian Silver Kangaroo

This is the third year for the Australian Kangaroo silver coin. Struck in 999.9 fineness, the one ounce silver Kangaroo is growing in popularity to become one of the world’s favourite bullion coins. Each coin features the Perth Mint's security authentication feature which is only detectable under a magnifying glass.

The Perth Mint's 2018 silver Kangaroo is issued specifically as a low premium bullion coin and is ideal for silver investors who want high-quality product at a highly competitive price. They are our lowest priced Australian 1oz silver coin. Available individually, in tubes of 25 coins and 250 coin monster boxes.


2018 Australian Kangaroo Silver Coins


2018 Australian Kookaburra

Designed by Perth Mint engraver, Neil Hollis, the 2018 silver Kookaburra features a Kookaburra flying with wings outstretched against a full moon. The engraver's initials NH are located in the bottom tail feather.

Struck in 999.9 silver fineness, the coin bears the inscriptions ‘AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA’, the date ‘2018’, ‘9999 SILVER’ together with the weight of the initials coin. The coin is struck in three weights in 2018, the one ounce, ten ounce and the one kilogram.


2018 Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins


Metal Weight Maximum Mintage
Silver 1 oz 500,000
Silver 10 oz Unlimited
Silver 1 kilo Unlimited

2018 Australian Koala

The Australian Koala coin has been a favourite with collectors since it was first introduced in 2007. The 2018 Koala design by Natasha Muhl features a koala climbing the branch of a eucalyptus tree with gum leaves. Inscriptions on the coin include ‘AUSTRALIAN KOALA’, the date ‘2018’, ‘9999 SILVER’ and the designer’s initials NM. The 2018 Koala will only be issued in weights of 1 oz and 1 kg.


2018 Australian Koala Silver Coins


Metal Weight Maximum Mintage
Silver 1 oz 300,000
Silver 1 kilo Unlimited


Obverse Design

The 2018 bullion coins bear the fourth definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by sculptor, Ian Rank-Broadley.

If you are interested in coins from the Perth Mint, visit our website for our range of backdated coins or call us on 01253 343081 and we will check availability for you.

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