The 2024 Britannia Coin

Author: Connor Campbell - Bullion & Economics Editor

Published: 11 Sep 2023

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2023


Explore the 2024 Royal Mint UK Britannia coin range, scheduled for launch on September 26, 2023. These sought-after coins, in both gold and silver, feature CGT exemption and cutting-edge security features.

As an authorised partner with The Royal Mint, every Britannia coin is sourced directly from The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales.

The 2024 Britannia Coin Release Date

In September 2023, The Royal Mint will introduce the 2024 UK Britannia gold and silver coins. The Britannia coins, available in 1-ounce sizes, are highly regarded as the United Kingdom's most popular Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt coins, both in gold and silver.

Pre-sale date: The Britannia 2024 bullion coin range will be available for pre-sale from 19 September 2023.

Launch date: 26 September 2023.

The 2024 Britannia Coin Design

The reverse features Phillip Nathan's iconic 'standing Britannia' design. Lady Britannia is a timeless symbol that originally appeared on Roman coinage over 2000 years ago. She embodies British identity, symbolising the nation's resilience and maritime heritage. Lady Britannia appeared on copper halfpennies and farthings during Charles II's reign in 1672, and continued to grace bronze coins until the decimalisation era.

Today, she continues to represent national pride and sovereignty, adorning all Royal Mint Britannia coins issued since 1987, a tradition that began during Queen Elizabeth II's reign and continues into the era of King Charles III.

Security Features of the 2024 Britannia Coin Range

These coins also incorporate the cutting-edge security features, first introduced in 2021.

Hologram of trident transition to padlock

One such feature is the small latent image on the bottom-left of the coin, which acts as a hologram, seamlessly transitioning between a trident and a padlock depending on the angle at which the coin is held. Additionally, a micro-text border encircling Britannia bears the inscription "DECUS ET TUTAMEN", translating to “an ornament and a safeguard”. The field of the coin boasts surface animation, with micro-waves creating lines in the background, and tincture lines added to showcase the intricate play of colours and patterns on the metal.

These additional security measures enhance the difficulty of replication for the Britannia coin, establishing it as one of the most investment secure coins globally.

This reverse design is accompanied by an uncrowned effigy obverse design of King Charles III, engraved by Martin Jennings.

The 2024 Britannia Coin Specification

Like all Britannias issued after 2012, the 2024 Britannia coins are expected to be struck in 0.9999 fine gold (24 carat), or 999 fine silver. As UK legal tender in pound sterling, these gold and silver UK Britannia bullion coins are exempt from capital gains tax, cementing their reputation as the UK's most popular 1 ounce coins year after year among many investors.

The 2024 Britannia series offers a wide range of weights, including 1 oz gold, 0.5 oz gold, 0.25 oz gold, 0.1 oz gold, and 1 oz and 1kg silver.

At Chards Coin and Bullion dealer, you have the option to order larger quantities for investment purposes. These include 2024 Britannia 1 oz gold 10-coin tubes and monster boxes containing 100 gold coins, as well as 2024 Britannia 1 oz silver 25-coin tubes and monster boxes with 500 silver coins.

Secure Your 2024 Britannia Coins

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