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Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 12 Mar 2018

Last Updated: 2 Feb 2023


Against all odds, Blackpool business, Chard, have secured their fourth title as the UK's 2018 Bullion Dealer of the Year! This firmly lets us lay claim to being the best place to buy gold in the UK! The award covers all precious metals so we also believe we are the best place to buy silver in the UK to! Read on to find out more......

We Are Officially the UK's No.1 Bullion Dealer in 2018

We have come top in the bullion dealer of the year competition 4 years running! 

We Are Offically the UK's No. 1 Online Bullion Dealer

We were privileged to pick up the best e-commerce award as well as coming 3rd in the global competition!

No.1 gold dealer in the UK - see all our gold products here our service and prices are unlikely to be beaten!

No. silver dealer in the UK - see all our silver products here! Thousands of products available! 

Chard Are Voted the 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year

In a hotly contested competition which saw over 140 British bullion dealers battle for the title, Chard secured 29.1% of the final vote which featured two of the industry's giants as well as two smaller family run businesses to be voted the 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year.


The awards are hosted by Bullion.Directory, a specialist online directory that provides in-depth analysis of the global precious metal markets. 1042 bullion dealers from all over the world took part in this year's awards to fight for the right to be crowned Bullion Dealer of the Year in their region. The rivalry between finalists is fierce, as it is seen as the most prestigious award in the trade.

Lawrence Chard started the company whilst sorting coins at his Grandma's amusement arcade on the Golden Mile over 50 years ago. The business has grown from strength to strength to become one of the most respected coin and bullion dealers in the UK. Chard probably stock the widest range of collectable coins and both historic and modern bullion coins in Great Britain. Lawrence is known as an expert numismatist whose opinion is frequently sought and customers come to Blackpool from all over the world. 

Whilst Chard may be fairly small when compared to some of the other contenders whose turnovers exceed hundred of £ millions, Chard have been growing steadily and increasing their market share. Over the last 12 months sales have grown by 29.3% and they have put Lancashire on the map as a centre for high quality, low priced bullion.

chardgrouphoto1cropOn hearing that Chard had won, Lawrence Chard said "We are over the moon! It is a huge achievement and we are proud to be named as the UK's Bullion Dealer of the Year for the fourth year running. We want to shout the news from the top of Blackpool Tower and say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. Compared to the big names we are a fairly small company and our turnover and customer base is a fraction of two of our rivals. Our business is built on the principals of Inform, Educate and Inspire. Not only did we win this title but we also were voted the 2018 E-Commerce Dealer of the Year and the 2018 Numismatic Dealer of the Year. We are a firm believer that in these times of economic uncertainty, everyone should look to invest in physical bullion. We have seen a huge number of customers move towards protecting their wealth in the traditional safe haven of gold and silver - but you need to know what you are doing. Our website is crammed full of information to help investors make informed decisions to increase their wealth. Whilst we are not financial advisors, our team are knowledgeable and friendly and are happy to direct you to the best deals tailored to your needs."


Recently, Chard bought a tonne of investment silver coins. To thank their customers for their loyalty, Lawrence slashed the premiums and introduced the UK's Cheapest Silver Coin. He said "No matter whether you are a big or a small investor, this is a fantastic opportunity to own low cost silver bullion. Whilst the price of silver is so low, investors prepared to see this as a long term investment will be able to look forward to a golden future!"

Chard now offer storage for gold and silver bullion - whether you bought them from Chard or not. Fully insured and completely secure, you can store your coins and bars at Chard from only 0.5% (excl VAT).

2018 E-Commerce Dealer of the Year

Over the last two years, Chard have devoted a large amount of time and money on their website chards.co.uk. Improvements have been made to the Live Metal Price, Precious Metal Ratios so you can view both the live spot prices and see historic data that goes back to the early 1800's.

Live Metal Prices at Chard

Customers can now create an account so they can track their order history, wish lists for out of stock items and update their email preferences easily. Comprehensive guides are available for investors in gold and silver and for coin collectors. There are lots more features that will be implemented over the next year and the website will eventually see over 20,000 coins, bars, coin sets and exonumia products available to purchase online. 


2018 E-Commerce Dealer of the Year

Chard are already a haven for numismatic enthusiasts - they promise that it is only going to get better. As well as a strong online presence, you can also visit Chard's spacious showroom to see exactly what you are buying. The Chard team are fully trained and are happy to help you. If they do not know the answer to your question, they make sure that they find it out for you. 

2018 Numismatic Dealer of the Year

Chard's websites are filled with a wealth of numismatic information that Lawrence Chard has collated over more than 50 years. Chard are well known for the amazing library relating to circulated and commemorative coins from ancient to modern and bullion from almost every mint in the world. Whether you are interested in collecting coins or investing in precious metals, you can 99.9% guarantee that Chard will have the information that you are looking for. They are working on the other 0.01%! Once all the information is in one place, Chard's numismatic library will be the first point of call for coin collectors and investors from all over the world.


2018 Numismatic Dealer of the Year

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