2021 Perth Mint Bullion Programme Revealed

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 24 Aug 2020

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2020

The Perth Mint have unveiled their 2021 bullion coin program. Released over the next few months, the coins are a staple amongst the bullion and collectible world. 

The coins include new designs for Kookaburras, Koalas and Kangaroos, as well as the launch of the second coin in the Perth Mint's third lunar series. Read on to find out more.  

Series III - Lunar Year of the Ox

Only the second release in the mint's Lunar Series III collection, the Year of the Ox coins maintain the more modern look we've seen from the initial release in the series. 

The coins will be available to order from Monday 14th September, 2020.

2021 Gold Year of the Ox

As in previous years, the reverse was designed by Perth Mint designer, Ing Ing Jong. The shows an ox amongst some bamboo sticks. The Chinese character for 'ox' appears at the top, with "OX 2021" underneath.

The coin sizes are 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz and 10oz. Only 30,000 of the 1oz gold coins will be minted. 

2021 Silver Year of the Ox

The reverse shows an ox and its calf standing on a mountain. A cherry blossom tree appears above, with the Chinese character for 'ox' and the text "OX 2021" underneath. The Perth Mint 'P' mint mark can be found to the bottom-right of the ox. 

These coins are available in 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 5oz and 1kg sizes. None of the coins have limited mintage figures, apart from the 1oz coins. Only 300,000 of these will be issued. 

A 10kg coin will be issued in mid-2021. 

2021 Kookaburra

The 2021 Kookaburras are a firm favourite and this years design does not disappoint. 

Only 500,000 of the 1oz coins will be issued, whilst the other coins in the series do not have a mintage limit. 

Available to order from Monday 14th September, 2020.

2021 Kookaburra 

The design on the reverse of the kookaburra coins changes most years. The 2021 coin features a kookaburra sitting on the branch of a gum tree. Leaves and seedpods appear in front of it. The text reads: 



The 2021 Gold and Silver Kangaroo coins are due to be released on Monday 12th October.

2021 Gold Kangaroo

Designed by Natasha Muhl, the reverse features a kangaroo crouching amongst some Kangaroo Paw and Waratah plants - both native Australian plants. The Perth Mint 'P' mint mark can be found to the left of the kangaroo.

As usual, the one kilo version of the coin features the red kangaroo obverse, the same as the silver kangaroo design below. 

With the 1oz and 1kg version have unlimited mintage figures, the rest are limited. There will be 100,000 half ounce coins, 150,000 quarter ounce coins and 200,000 tenth ounce coins.  

2021 Silver Kangaroo

Unlike the rest of the 2021 Perth Mint Bullion Coins, the silver kangaroo design does not change. The coin contains a micro engraved security feature. In previous years it was hidden in the 'A' of 'AUSTRALIAN'. 

2021 Koala

The final release in the 2021 Perth Mint Bullion Program are the koala coins. These coins are only available in one ounce and one kilo sizes. 

The coins will be available to order from Friday 11th January, 2021. 

2021 Koala

The 2021 silver koala reverse was designed by Monique Reeves and shows a sleepy koala amongst the branches of a eucalyptus tree. 

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