How to Buy Gold Bars - Metalor and Perth Mint Gold Bars

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 15 May 2018

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


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How To Buy Gold Bars

Brand New Metalor and Perth Mint Gold Bars

Due to increased demand from our customers, we have recently introduced a range of brand new gold bars from two of the world's leading refiners - Metalor and Perth Mint.

New gold bars are a convenient form of bullion for gold investors. They can be bought at low premiums above the gold spot price and are easily traded around the world. Struck in 24 carat gold (999.9 fineness), these pure gold bars are available in a variety of weights and sizes. 

When you buy new gold bars, you have added peace of mind as the bars come with a certificate of authentication. These VAT free bars are an ideal choice for investors looking to increase their wealth portfolio with tax free gold bullion.

Metalor bars are available from 5g to 1 kilo and the Perth Mint Kangaroo bars from 1g to 10 ounce. The most popular weights chosen by investors (1oz, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1 kilo gold bars) tend to be the cheapest options as they attract the lowest premiums above spot gold. These weights are ideal for investors looking to get the most gold for their money. Smaller bars and more unusual weights tend to attract higher premiums but they are ideal for gifts, travelling and for investors looking to increase their wealth portfolio in small increments.

Brand New Metalor Gold Bars 

These cast bars, 100g to 1 kilo, are produced by Metalor, a leading refiner who has been in business in Switzerland since 1852. These gold bars are an excellent choice for serious investors looking to buy the most bullion for their money.

Metalor 1kg Gold Bars

Brand New Metalor Gold Bullion Bars

Brand New Perth Mint Bars 

The Perth Mint in Australia has a well-earned reputation for producing superb quality bullion. The standard of their investment bullion products has long been a byword for excellence. These minted bars feature Australia's national animal, the Kangaroo. 

We buy these bars direct from the refiners so there is no middle-man and you can be assured that these bars are 100% genuine.

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Brand New Australian Kangaroo Gold Bars

What Is the Difference between a Cast or Minted Gold Bar?

These are terms used to describe how the bar has been produced. 

Cast Gold Bars

A cast gold bar is often called an ingot. The method of producing cast bars goes back over 6,000 years. The bars are made by pouring the molten gold into a mould. The mould usually has the refiners stamp and fineness, some have individual serial numbers. Cast bars are often thicker and deeper than stamped bars and can look a little rougher than a minted bar when compared side by side. It is cheaper to produce cast bars which may be reflected in the premium that you pay.

Minted Gold Bars 

Minted gold bars can also be described as Gold Biscuits or Wafers. These are gold bars which are stamped rather than cast. Minted gold bars are often thinner and flatter than cast bars and have a flatter surface and more defined edges. Long strips of gold are fed through casting machines which compress the gold into the required shape. These minted bars are then cut to the required dimensions and are struck with the refiners' stamp, fineness and design. The process allows the refiner to add more complex design details, making them more attractive to investors looking for collectability as well as value for money. The bars are cleaned and polished and sealed into packaging which contains the certificate of authenticity.

We usually make no differentiation between types or shapes of bars. So, whether it looks like a wafer, biscuit or ingot, we call them all bars. They will both contain the same amount of gold.

New or Old – We Have Gold Bars For Sale 

Some investors particularly like to buy new gold bars, others don't mind whether they are new or pre-owned. We have a wide selection of gold bars for sale on our website in all weights at highly competitive prices. 

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