2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign Release

Author: Connor Campbell - Bullion & Economics Editor

Published: 7 Nov 2022

Last Updated: 27 Dec 2022


Today marks the release of the 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign range from the Royal Mint, which, for the first time, features the first official coinage portrait of HM King Charles III, designed by Martin Jennings.

Additionally, the new 2022 sovereign memorial range features a special Royal Arms interpretation on the coins reverse, designed by Jody Clark.

Here we provide some of the more technical aspects of the sovereigns and the sovereign coin sets.

2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign Reverse

New Sovereign Design Announced 

The 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign range was revealed by The Royal Mint on the 15th of November 2022. These new sovereigns honour Her Majesty's life and leagcy as Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, with a special Royal Coats of Arms design. Jody Clark, a former Royal Mint engraver, created this design. He is best known for engraving the fifth and final portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

These 2022 coins are the first sovereigns to feature HM King Charles III on the obverse. The portrait was designed by Martin Jennings, a renowned British sculptor with an impressive portfolio of work, working predominantly in bronze and stone. His works include WWII memorials and famous poet statues.

Jody Clark's 2022 Royal Coat of Arms Sovereign Design

Designed by artist, Jody Clark, the reverse features a new depiction of the Royal Coat of Arms. This highly detailed design pays a fitting tribute to the late monarch. It is notably different from Timothy Noad's Royal Coat of Arms Design, which appeared on the first version of the 2022 proof sovereign

The Order of the Garter, reading 'HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE' is just visible behind the shield. This French motto is roughly interpreted as “EVIL BE TO HIM WHO EVIL THINKS THEREOF”. 

The shield is held up by two ‘supporters’ standing on each side. The left is the crowned golden lion of England. The right supporter is the silver unicorn of Scotland.

An intricate pattern appears in the background, with the floral emblems of England (rose), Scotland (thistle) and Ireland (shamrock) in the lower field. 

At the bottom of the design, the motto "DIEU ET MON DROIT", meaning "GOD AND MY RIGHT" can be found, with the date '2022'.

2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign Obverse

King Charles III First Definitive Royal Portrait Coinage Design

Whilst the late Queen Elizabeth II's portrait faced right, Charles’s portrait faces left. Historic tradition has meant that for centuries the direction the monarch faces switches upon succession with the new king or queen facing the opposite direction of the previous monarch. One king who did not follow the royal tradition was King Edward VIII, who refused for his portrait to face right, preferring to face left like his father King Edward VII.

It's worth noting that Charles's portrait does not wear a crown, just like previous kings before him.

The inscription reads as CHARLES III • DEI • GRA • REX • FID • DEF • which can be translated as "CHARLES III. BY THE GRACE OF GOD, DEFENDER OF THE FAITH".

The 2022 Memorial Sovereign Range

The 2022 Memorial Sovereign Range from the Royal Mint includes the following coins.

Denomination Face Value Finish Metal Diameter Weight Fineness Actual Metal
Limited Edition
Maximum Coin
Quintuple Sovereign £5 Proof Gold 36.02 mm 39.94 g 916.67 1.1771 oz N/A 1,230
Quintuple Sovereign £5  BU Gold  36.02 mm 39.94 g  916.67   1.1771 oz  1,000  1,010
Double Sovereign £2 Proof Gold 28.4 mm 15.976 g 916.67 0.4708 oz N/A 1,980
Piedfort Sovereign £1  Proof Gold 22.05 mm 15.976 g 916.67 0.4708 oz 2,022 2,032
Sovereign £1  Proof Gold 22.05 mm 7.988 g 916.67 0.2354 oz 17,500 23,160
Half Sovereign £0.50  Proof Gold 19.3 mm 3.994 g 916.67 0.1177 oz 3,000 6,480
Quarter Sovereign £0.25  Proof Gold 13.5 mm 1.997 g 916.67 0.0589 oz 3,000 6,480

The Royal Mint have also released a five-coin set (featuring the proof quintuple, double, full, half and quarter sovereigns), four-coin set (double, full, half and quarter sovereigns), and three-coin set (sovereign, half sovereign and quarter sovereign). These sets have a limited-edition presentation of 1,200, 750, and 1,500 respectively.

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