Provenance Marks

Author: Juliana Chard - Chief Numismatist

Published: 3 Dec 2018

Last Updated: 27 Dec 2022


Provenance marks on British coins for sale at Chards of Blackpool, England. We buy, stock, and sell coins, including coins with provenance marks.

Provenance Marks on English/British Coins

Mark Origin
Plumes / Feathers Wales
Roses & Plumes Company for Smelting Down Lead with Pit Coale and Sea Coale
Roses Silver from the West of England Mines
WCC Welsh Copper Company
SSC South Sea Company
LIMA Lima, Peru
Elephant & Castle The Africa Company
VIGO Captured from the Spanish at the Battle of Vigo Bay


Roses Provinance Marks on a George II Crown

Elephant Provenance Mark on a Charles II Two Guinea

SSC Provenance Mark on a George I Shilling

LIMA Provenance Mark on a George II Crown

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