Bullion Coin Types - Latest Year, Minty, Newly Minted and Secondary Market

Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 14 Apr 2020

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


We offer 4 main categories of "bullion" coins for investment - the latest year, minty, newly minted and secondary market.

There are two further categories of "grade C" and "type" coins, such as a request for a specific monarch.

Customers are encouraged to read this page to understand the differences and make the correct purchase to suit their needs.

Why Offer Different Types?

The easiest operational option would be to offer two types - pre-owned coins and latest year coins to our customers. This would not be the best option for many as bullion coins vary in appearance and quality. Treating some of the newer or better-quality coins as our lowest priced option could degrade their appearance and we know for some customers having a nice coin is important to them. Customer expectations are also important and those buying newer coins expect the quality of the coins to be higher than, for example, a secondary market our choice Queen Victoria bullion sovereign.

We use the different bullion types and sort our coins according to quality and appearance. Customers are then able to choose the product that best suits their investment needs and tastes.

Brand New Vs Pre-Owned

Bullion coins can be brand new or pre-owned depending on the source. If the source is a mint and the coins supplied straight off a production line they can be regarded as brand new. If a supplier, a company or a member of the public were to buy these and then sell them to us then they become pre-owned. Most customers have the view that a pre-owned coin is one previously owned by a member of the public but companies and suppliers can be customers holding stock as an investment over time. For example, we may buy a 2015 coin from a supplier that has never been in the hands of the public - would you regard this coin as new or pre-owned? Whether a bullion coin is brand new or pre-owned does not always correlate with coin quality and appearance. We have seen coins direct from mints which are not perfect as one might expect. On the other hand, a retail investor might buy a tube of gold coins as an investment, never open them and find in 10 years they are in perfect, mint-like condition. Another example of pre-owned coins in mint condition are customers who opt for storage here at Chards when they buy brand new stock. They never take receipt of their items and when the coins are sold back to us they move in the sealed tubes from one shelf to another remaining sealed and in mint condition. 

Bullion Types

Latest Year

These are the most expensive/highest premium, but they will be in mint condition, which some investors believe to be important, and are usually readily available.

We have the following coins available to order for the latest year:

Minty and Newly Minted 

Minty coins have now superseded our newly minted range. There is no difference in the quality of coin as they remain in near mint condition (sometimes in the original packaging). Newly minted coins had usually been issued in the last 5 years whereas our new product includes backdated coins that remain in great condition. For example, we have the 2002 gold sovereigns in original packaging that remain in mint condition. We have been known to issue the latest year coin for this product but this is not a guarantee, in cases where it is supplied it has been done as a free upgrade as the latest year coin demands a higher premium.

We wish to remind customers that this bullion option is cheaper than the respective latest year of coin and therefore may take longer to source. On a daily basis we look to buy from our suppliers which are a mix of mints, bullion dealers, companies and private investors to source these products for you in the fastest time possible. Should you wish for a faster delivery, please choose the latest year of coin. 

In both cases these coins are in near mint condition. Please note that even mint condition does not necessarily indicate perfection. Those wanting perfection should consider buying proof sovereigns, but these are issued at considerably higher premiums, and should not be considered a gold bullion investment.

We have the following minty products available to buy:

Secondary Market Our Choice

These are our lowest price/premium bullion sovereigns. Most will normally have been in circulation but may include more recent which are in less than 'mint' condition. We look to buy these items on a daily basis from our suppliers which are a mix of mints, bullion dealers, companies and private investors. More information on this can be found on our Secondary Market Gold article.

We have the following secondary market coins available to buy:

Other Bullion Types

Grade C

Very low grade coins, of correct weight but worn, possibly with scratches. These coins would be suitable for jewellers as an easy source of gold: you can browse through our selection of grade C coins here.

We offer these at slightly over intrinsic metal value. We do not recommend these for most normal bulllion investors. More information can be found on our 'What is Grade C?' blog.

Specific Reigns or Designs

Some of our customers want to specify which reign or type of bullion sovereign they buy, and we charge extra to provide this service. We do not recommend these for most normal bullion investments as this is more of a numismatic enquiry.

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