British Gold Sovereigns

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 10 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 24 Dec 2022


The gold sovereign coin, first struck in 1489 under the rule of King Henry VII, is synonymous with British currency, pageantry and heritage.  With a value of one-pound sterling, or twenty shillings, the gold sovereign comprises 0.5 troy ounces of 916.7 fine gold. Whilst the obverse depicts a regal portrait of the reigning monarch of the period, the reverse of the sovereign coin is most commonly associated with Benedetto Pistrucci's St George and the Dragon design which has circulated for hundreds of years. 

2020 Gold Bullion Sovereign Coin St George and the Dragon Benedetto Pistrucci

The Gold Sovereign Coin

We have a comprehensive gold sovereign guide, tailored for the spectrum of collectors and can be found here competely free ! Alternively if you would like to know more on the history of the sovereign coin, the most striking designs it hosted and how the journey of the sovereign was influenced by the most significant monarchs in coinage we recommend the further reading section at the bottom of this page. 

Sovereigns for Sale

The following sovereigns comprise is a snapshot of our stock list. You can find a full online catalogue to browse by clicking here. You may not find exactly what your looking for online as we have hundreds to grade and photograph (most of the time). Please get in touch via live chat or call 01253 343081 if you need help locating a sovereign. All our coins are guaranteed genuine, and we try to grade reasonably conservatively. For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin. We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

Individual Coins

George III 1760-1820
George IV 1820-1830 
William IV 1830-1837
Victoria Young Head Shield Reverse 1837-1887
Victoria Young Head Australian Reverse 1855-1870
Victoria Young Head St. George Reverse 1871-1887
Victoria Jubilee Head 1887-1893
Victoria Old Head 1893-1901
Edward VII 1901-1910
George V 1910-1936
Edward VIII 1936 - None Issued
George VI 1936-1952 - Proofs Only - 1937
Elizabeth II 1952-To Date

Sovereign Jewellery

We stock the following items and ask that you call 01253 343 081 if you are looking for sovereign jewellery.

Second Hand Sovereign Pendants
Sovereign Pendants
Sovereign Rings

 Sovereign Collections

Please click here to view our products currently on the site. We list all the available sovereigns below; should you not find what you are looking for please contact 01253 343081.

Victoria Young Head St. George Date Set
Victoria Jubilee Head Date Set
Victoria Old Head Date Set
Victoria Type Collection
Edward VII Complete Date Collection
George V Complete Date Collection
Kings Type Collection- Edward & George
Elizabeth II Type Collection
Elizabeth II Gold Portrait Collection by The Royal Mint
Elizabeth II Gold Portrait Collection - Three Coin by The Royal Mint
Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Date Collection
Elizabeth II Second Portrait Date Collection
Elizabeth II - Complete Date Collection
Jubilee Sovereign Shield Set
Complete Sovereign Type Collection
Different Date Bulk Parcels - Instant Sovereign Collection at Bullion Prices
Sovereign Mintmark Collection - by The Royal Mint - in Wooden Box  
Elizabeth II Sovereign Royal Portrait Collection - by The Royal Mint - in Wooden Box
Sovereign Century Collection - by The Royal Mint - in Wooden Box
The Victorian Anniversary Collection by The Royal Mint
The George V Sovereign Mintmark 7 Coin Collection by The Royal Mint
The Historic Sovereign Collection - by The Royal Mint
The Royal Sovereign Collection - by The Royal Mint
Mints & Monarchs Gold Sovereign Collection in Royal Mint Wooden Box
PNC - Philatelic Numismatic Covers

We now have dedicated pages for 3 coin proof sovereign sets, 4 coin proof sovereign sets and 5 coin proof sovereign sets

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