George III Sovereign Information

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 12 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 24 Dec 2022


Although there are not many Sovereign dates available from the rule of King George III he was the first monarch to appear on the modern itteration of the gold sovereign coin in 1817. Varying George III sovereign desgins can be difficult to find in a high grade above 'extremely fine' with prices for these gold coins being likely to exceed £1000. The 1819 George III sovereign coin is arguably the rarest and has been known to reach £50,000 in auction. If your looking to buy George III sovereign please view our dedicated page by clicking here. 

1820 Sovereign King George III Gold Coin

The short history of George III Sovereigns 

There are not many sovereign dates available for George III. King George was the first obverse design on the modern sovereign which was struck in 1817. Only 3 more years followed until he successor George IV acceded the throne. 

George III gold sovereign coin

Full List of Dates

Date Description Mintage Stock
1817 First Head 3,235,000 See Page
1818 First Head 2,347,000 See Page
1819 All 3,574 See Page
1820 Various 932,000 See Page

 If you are looking for a coin and cant see it on our site we may still have it in stock. We have hundreds of sovereigns that need grading and photographing and this process takes a long time. Please call 01253 343081 and we can take a look at our stocks for you. 

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