1957 Gold Sovereign Production Restarted

Author: Lawrence Chard - Chairman and CEO

Published: 16 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 24 Dec 2022


From 1957, bullion sovereigns were issued almost every year until 1968, then not until 1974 when regular production was restarted.

Proof Sovereigns

In 1979, a proof version was issued, and this continues to the present. How do these proof sovereigns differ from gold bullion sovereign? Well this would be the standard to which the coin's design is produced, specifically the definition and clarity of its engraving with proof typically being the highest standard that the mint produces. 

500th Anniversary

In 1989, a special 500 commemorative design was produced, inspired by the very first gold sovereign of 1489, showing H.M. Queen Elizabeth II seated facing on a throne. This was only issued as a proof. Although it seemed reasonably popular at the time, demand for it has grown steadily and strongly over the past few years, probably because as a single-date type coin, it is in demand by both date collectors and type collectors.

1989 Sovereign 5ooth anniversary of the Sovereign Tudor Rose

2002 Golden Jubilee Revised Shield Design

In 2002, the shield reverse design that had last been used in 1887 the was resurrected in modified form for one year only to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Also popular with collectors as a one-year type.

2002 Sovereign crowned shield coat of arms Timothy Noad

2005 - Revised St. George - Another Single Year Design

In 2005, the Royal Mint issued another new sovereign design, actually a new twist on an old design, a new, slightly modernistic version of Saint George slaying the dragon. This coin was issued in both normal circulation (bullion) and proof versions. Writing this during 2006, it appears so far to have followed a similar demand pattern to that of 1989, moderately popular at first, but with demand seeming to strengthen as time goes by.

2005 Sovereign Reverse St George and the Dragon Timothy Noad

The Future

It appears likely that gold sovereigns will continue to be struck every year for sale to collectors. They have become a very popular gift item for christenings and other special occasions. Of course all this may change if we adopt the Euro

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