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Current High Low Change
11.402 11.46 11.35 0.03650 (+0.32%)
Intrinsic Values (£)
Sovereign Half Sovereign 1oz Gold 1oz Silver
£236.67 £118.33 £1,005.39 £11.40

USD: 1.2669

EUR: 1.135



Silver Price today

This is our recommended chart for seeing the silver price todat. See recent changes in silver price and why the silver price has jumped in the past day either up or down. 

We regularly use these graphs ourselves to aid our Silver investing decisions. As the market continues to grow and prices continue to hold steady more and more consumers are protecting their wealth with Silver. It has been a historical hedge against inflation and currency depreciation. With events such as Brexit, recessions and difficult market conditions investors regularly turn to physical Silver and silver to see returns. If you are unsure what to buy and what are the best investment options we are available on live chat or you can call us on 01253 343081.

Tracking the Silver price and monitoring the daily price is particularly popular with Silver investors. Silver price increasing or decreasing is usually a sign that it is a good time to buy. If your a regular investor there are opportunities as long as the price is changing. Silver does not generally make the instant returns and profits seen in markets, stocks and shares, currently cryptocurrencies and especially the alternative investment market where gains can be massive but losses just as great. Silver is a longer term stable investment and daily fluctuations need not be analysed in too great detail. If you believe Silver is a stable investment you should consider how the price will change over 5, 10 or even 50 years.

We constantly buy and sell Silver ourselves we don't believe there is a bad time to be trading as if we thought this we wouldn't have been in business 50 years and more. You can see from the charts that prices have been soaring since early 2000's and fairly steady. This back up the premise that Silver is a "safe haven" for investors with the belief that Silver can hold its value even with turmoil and crisis in politics and financial markets. Consumer demand and worldwide markets show no slowing at present times.

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