Gold Price History

Live Gold Price
Current High Low Change
1,069.52 1,121.215 2.071 1,063.904 (+24678.48%)
Intrinsic Values (£)
Sovereign Half Sovereign 1oz Gold 1oz Silver
£251.77 £125.88 £1,069.52 £11.90

USD: 1.2558

EUR: 1.1218



Gold Price History - Gold All Time Prices

View the gold all time prices since the 1800's. We have the gold price history in pounds sterling, dollars and euros (euros only go back to 2000).

You can see the gold all time high and even the gold all time low since records began. Look at the gold price over the last 100 years and beyond. 

Gold Price GBP

View the gold price GBP, gold price EURO and gold price USD. 

See how the price of gold has changed over time and see how it also changes in each currency during periods of inflation and deflation. The gold price UK chart is available to view gold prices over a very long time in order to understand will gold rebound and what factors contribute to its rise and fall.

Other longer-term price charts include gold price over 50 years, gold price over 25 years, gold price over 10 years, gold price over 5 years, gold price over 3 years.

See the effect of countries coming off the gold standard in 1971, see the effects of world wars on the price of gold. You may be able to reach your own conclusions about the effect of political turmoil and economic conditions on the gold price history!

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