Replica Gold Sovereigns and Other Coins

Author: Juliana Chard - Chief Numismatist

Published: 20 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 24 Dec 2022


Unfortunately with third party selling platforms meaning that anyone, including deceptive parties, call sell what appear to be rare collectable coins, with many "replica" sovereigns misleadingly being described as restrikes witht he vendors failing to clearly specify that these "coins" are only reproductions and immitations. 

Replica Gold Sovereign 1489 Henry VII

Fake Sovereigns, replicas, unnofficial restrikes of rare coins 

Perhaps we could draw a comparison with the music industry. If we were to record ourselves playing and singing music in a copy of say The Rolling Stones, it would clearly be misleading of us to call our version a "re-issue", a "re-pressing", or a "re-recording". It would probably be called a "cover" version, but it would remain an imitation, possibly a tribute, although if you heard the writer singing, you would be unlikely to describe it as politely as a tribute. It would not even replicate the original, and perhaps even the word replica is too generous a description for the number of metal discs which look like coins but aren't. When we try to find a single word which describes these items perfectly, we struggle, although the word "crap" possibly provides the best approximation. Again, though, some of these imitations are reasonably attractive, some are made of 22 carat gold, which still leaves us searching for a word. Imitation, fantasy, unofficial pattern, unofficial replica restrike, pseudo-coin, reproduction; all go some way to describing these items. The single word replica at least has the merit of brevity, and it also importantly conveys the message that the piece is not genuine, not original, and probably not official.

Semantics or Ethics?

Some of our readers may think we are being over-semantic in our attempt to analyse and identify the most accurate word or expression to describe replica coins and the like, but we believe in trying to describe our products, offers, services, as accurately as we can (and we don't always succeed!). We also believe that coin dealers in general should try to set high ethical standards. When we see other dealers or individuals misleading potential buyers with descriptions which are at best euphemistic, and at worst dishonest and fraudulent, we feel we should warn collectors and investors about it, while at the same time disassociating ourselves from dubious practices.


An official restrike is a genuine coin struck by the original Mint, but with a retrospective date. The word restrike is often euphemistically and dishonestly used for fakes. Please refer to our restrikes page for more detailed information.

Misleading "Restrike" Examples

Where we offer these for sale, naturally our descriptions are accurate.

Premadmin Items of Beauty Pobjoy Mint

We believe all 6 replica dates were commissioned by "Premadmin or Items of Beauty", a watch dealer and eBay seller. These were struck by Pobjoy Mint. More to follow... Buy it Now £5000 or "Make offer"! Premadmin were asking £5,000 for a complete set of all 6 different replicas, which works out at just over £833 each. It is possible to buy genuine sovereigns for a fraction of the price.


All our coins are guaranteed genuine, and we try to grade reasonably conservatively. For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin. We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

We are always intersted in buying gold sovereigns. Please get in touch if you have an older collectable coin or view our sell page here for bullion prices. 

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