Victoria Jubilee Head Sovereign Information

Victoria jubilee sovereigns were struck between 1887 and 1893. If your looking to buy Victoria jubilee sovereigns please click here to view our full online catalogue

Full List of Dates and Mintmarks

  London Melbourne Sydney Total
1887 Exists Exists Exists 3,053,280
1888 Exists Exists Exists 7,795,036
1889 Exists Exists Exists 13,262,045
1890 Exists Exists Exists 11,811,424
1891 Exists Exists Exists 11,675,068
1892 Exists Exists Exists 13,430,470
1893 None Exists Exists 3,147,352

Coin and Medal Alignment

You can find more information on the alignment by clicking here

Type Coins

If you are not looking for a particular date, but want a nice example of this type of sovereign, you can order a "type coin". Just call 01253 343081 to talk to a member of staff. 


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