2018 Blackpool Tower £5 Coin

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 16 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 21 Aug 2019

New for 2018! The iconic Blackpool Tower will feature on a £5 crown in 2018!  Register your interest in the 2018 Blackpool Tower £5 coin here.

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2018 Blackpool Tower £5 Crown

The Blackpool Tower is probably one of Great Britain's most instantly recognised landmarks. Since it was first opened on 14 May 1894, the Tower has been seen by millions of holidaymakers from the UK and all over the world. Young or old, the Blackpool Tower forms a part of many happy holidays in the UK's favourite seaside resort.

Although the Tower has appeared on commemorative medallions, this is the first time that the Blackpool Tower has featured on a British coin - we're not counting the pennies that you can hand-press at the Tower!

1894 Blackpool Tower Medallion White Metal - Obverse




The 2018 Blackpool Tower £5 silver coin will have a colour wash engraving of the Tower. The coin will be struck in sterling silver (0.925 fineness) to a proof finish.

As far as we are aware, the Blackpool Tower £5 will be issued in the 2018 Portraits of Britain collection; a four coin set which includes coins featuring engravings of three other holiday resorts - Brighton Pier, Tenby harbour and Southwold beach.

The Coin Design

Engravers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy designed the £5 crown which we expect to be similar in style to other coins in the collection. These coins feature a rather abstract design with a watercolour wash over part of the design.

We have been in business in Blackpool for over 50 years. To say that We Love Blackpool is an understatement. With the Tower, the seven miles of golden sandy beaches, the Pleasure Beach and all the amusements that you could possibly hope for, we think it is about time that Blackpool Tower is featured on a coin!

Although the British £5 crown is British legal tender, you will not be able to spend as you would a £5 banknote. Banks and shops have been told by The Royal Mint they are not under any obligation to accept them. However, you can use them in Post Offices for services and goods. If you have a silver or gold proof £5 crown, whatever you do, do not use them to buy a fiver's worth of stamps as the intrinsic metal value or collectability value could be worth much more. You can view all of our £5 coin products here!

Looking After Your British Crowns

If you have a proof coin, please do not take it out of its protective capsule. Even opening it to have a closer look can damage the coin. The proof finish is produced by using highly polished dies which achieve a mirror/matt finish on the surface of the coin. The slightest touch can mark the coin which will not be able to be repaired and can detract from the value of the coin.

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