The 50p Collector's Series - The Dinosauria Collection

Author: Victoria Toothill - Guest Writer

Published: 7 May 2020

Last Updated: 4 Jun 2020


These coins celebrate the work of the first palaeontologists. Remains of the dinosaurs on the coins in this collection, Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus, led anatomist Richard Owen to conclude that all three belonged to a distinct group of reptiles, coining the term ‘Dinosauria’ to describe this new taxonomic group. His discovery fuelled public imagination and ‘dinomania’ shows no signs of abating today.

2020 Megalosaurus B.U. 50 Pence Coin

A Brand New Collection

As a relatively new collection, the Dinosauria set is quite small. Although we are hoping for many more to come, at the moment, there are only three coins in the collection. So, as there are only a handful, we dont need a table to show you them all!  To learn more about one of the designs, it's varieties and the story it represents, select a link below. 

2020 Megalosaurus Silver Proof 50 Pence Coin

2020 Megalosaurus

In 1824 William Buckland, an eccentric clergyman and palaeontologist, produced the first scientific description of what became known as a dinosaur based on fragments of jaw and bone found in Oxfordshire. Buckland named the creature Megalosaurus, which means ‘great lizard’. Early depictions showed an animal walking on four legs with a posture like a hippopotamus. Today we understand Megalosaurus was a theropod, a large bipedal predator that roamed Britain during the Middle Jurassic period 170 to 155 million years ago.

2020 Iguanodon

Gideon Algernon Mantell was an English palaeontologist and Obstetrician. An unlikely combination you might think. In 1822, he and his wife (Mary Ann Mantell) discovered the first fossil teeth of Iguanodon and he would later find much of the skeleton.

2020 Iguanodon Silver Proof 50 Pence Coin

2020 Hylaeosaurus

Gideon Mantell proved his dino worth again on 20 July 1832 when the first Hylaeosaurus fossils were discovered in West Sussex. He wrote to Professor Benjamin Silliman that when a gunpowder explosion had demolished a quarry rock face in Tilgate Forest, several of the boulders freed showed the bones of a gigantic new creature.

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