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The Most Collectable 50 Pence Coins

Author: Adam Hopkin - Numismatic Editor

Published: 30 Apr 2020

Last Updated: 7 May 2020


As we all know, collecting rare, valuable or aesthetically pleasing pieces of coinage, including circulating pieces like the 50 pence, is certainly nothing new. However, over the past decade or so, perhaps thanks to the 2012 Olympic games collection, the UK has seen a surge in interest in hording circulating coins, and for some even bullion precious metals such as the Sovereign.   

Beatrix Potter Collectable 50 Pence Coins

Rare 50 Pence Coins 

With a range of 50 pence coins exhibiting unique designs to be found both in and out of circulation, and elusive pieces like the Kew Gardens design reaching figures many many times the face value across third party auction sites the coin collecting craze has never been stronger.  

More recently The Royal Mint has focused its efforts on this modern approach to design, straying away from patriotic depictions steeped in heraldry, instead opting for household names and pop culture sensations taken from recording studios and graphic novels alike.  

This consumer-friendly approach to cultivation interest in what has been viewed as an exclusive club has given way to some of the nation's favourite and most iconic characters be featured alongside Queen Elizabeth’s various portraits; below we go through some of our favourites from recent years.  

Beatrix Potter Collectable Coins

2020 Peter Rabbit 50 Pence Coin Beatrix Potter

2020 Peter Rabbit 50 Pence  

First featuring on the 50 pence coin back in 2016, Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit makes his fifth appearance aside Jody Clark’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Designed by Emma Noble, the reverse of the coin shows Peter squeezing himself under a fence and is available in BU condition here. Unfortunately for those checking their change, this piece is not in circulation.  

Brilliant Uncirculated

Coloured Proof Coin

The Gruffalo Collectable Coins

2019 The Gruffalo and Mouse Silver Proof 50 Pence 

As a celebration of the beloved novel’s 20th anniversary, last year The Royal Mint released a limited run (25,000 coins) of silver proof editions, showing the Gruffalo and the Mouse side by side. With the original illustrations being completed for the children’s book in 1999 by Axel Scheffler, Magic Light Pictures took to the drawing board for this latest design, the first time the two iconic characters had been shown together on a coin.  

Brilliant Uncirculated

Coloured Proof Coin

2019 The Gruffalo and Mouse Silver Proof 50 Pence

Wallace And Gromit Coins

2019 Wallace and Gromit Silver Proof 50 Pence

2019 Wallace and Gromit Silver Proof 50 Pence  

The first time the iconic duo was seen together on a reverse design, the 2019 Wallace and Gromit 50 pence is another landmark celebration, denoting 30 years of the nation’s favourite animated cheese lovers. The reverse illustration shows the pair peering out the rocket from their debut outing “A Grand Day Out” and was designed in conjunction with Nick Park of Aardman Animations. The Silver Proof variants of the 50 Pence also include a presentation block for presentation and were limited to a run of 25,000.  

Brilliant Uncirculated

Coloured Proof Coin

The Snowman Collectable Coins

2019 The Snowman 50 Pence 

Limited to a mintage of 25,000 coins, the 2019 Snowman fifty pence coin is the successor to the hugely popular 2018 variant featuring the iconic winter character.  Inspired by the original 1978 novel and later the 1982 screen adaptation, the 2019 silver proof edition of the snowman 50 pence depicts the two pivotal characters, the boy and snowman, side by side in wonderful colour.  

Brilliant Uncirculated

Coloured Proof Coin

2019 The Snowman 50 Pence

The Paddington Bear Collectable Coins

2018 Paddington Bear Buckingham Palace 50 Pence Coin Silver Proof

2018 Paddington Bear Backingham Palace 50 Pence 

Minted to cellebrate the 60th anniversary of Paddington bear, named so after the London Train station he was found at by the Brown Family in the original 1958 fictional works. In more recent years the marmalade loving bear has found his way into children's pop culture, appearing on the big screen multiple times. With a limited mintage of only 75,000, the coloured silver proof varient of the Buckingham Palace 50 pence shows Paddington

Brilliant Uncirculated

Coloured Proof Coin

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