The 50p Collector's Series - The Current Circulation Collection

Author: Victoria Toothill - Guest Writer

Published: 30 Apr 2020

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2022


One of our biggest (and most popular) collections, this current circulation record shows you all of the coins that it is possible, though not always probable, you'll get in your change. The coins on this list are the 'new' smaller 50p coins that have been produced by the Royal Mint since 1997. Before this, 50p pieces weighed 13.5 grammes and had a diameter of 30mm. Released in September 1997 and still being minted to this day, the new 50p coins weigh just 8 grammes and have a diameter of 27.3mm. In the first year, 456,364,100 of these new 50ps were released and 442 million of the old 50ps recalled.

1998 UK Coin 50p Silver Proof NHS

How Does It Work?

The list in the table below covers every design of the new coin that has been manufactured since the size change in 1997. We have arranged them in order of rarity using their mintage number. For anyone new to coin collecting, the mintage number is the number of copies issued of a particular coin. For example, as you can see, the Britannia design 50p was issued multiple times but each year the coin was struck with a new date. So, each year it has a new mintage number showing the amount of the coin that was struck that year.

Please note, 2019 and 2020 circulation 50ps are listed at the bottom of the table and their mintage numbers are given as UNKNOWN. This is because mintage numbers won't be definite for these coins until the Royal Mint announce them. Mintage numbers for 2018 were released in October of 2019. So, presumably the numbers for 2019 will be published towards the end of this year. As soon as the mintage numbers are released for these, we will update the table below to include them. However, we do have some clues about the 2020 Brexit 50p. In January, when the Brexit 50p was initially put into circulation, 3 million coins were distributed. Since then, HM Treasury has confirmed that at least 10 million Brexit 50ps will be put into circulation by the end of 2020.

Beginning with the rarest, this series will explore each coin in our current circulation collection. We will discuss the coins themselves, the history behind their design and their mintage information. Just click on the coin you would like to learn more about in the table below. 

Date Design Mintage
2009 Kew Gardens 50p 210,000
2011 Football 50p 1,125,500
2011 Wrestling 50p 1,129,500
2011 Judo 50p 1,161,500
2011 Triathlon 50p 1,163,500
2018 Peter Rabbit 50p 1,400,000
2018 Flopsy Bunny 50p 1,400,000
2011 Tennis 50p 1,454,000
2011 Goalball 50p 1,615,500
2011 Shooting 50p 1,656,500
2011 Taekwondo 50p 1,664,000
2011 Handball 50p 1,676,500
2011 Modern Pentathlon 50p 1,689,500
2018 Mrs Tittlemouse 50p 1,700,000
2011 Rowing 50p 1,717,300
2011 Gymnastics 50p 1,720,813
2011 Table Tennis 50p 1,737,500
2011 Basketball 50p 1,748,000
2011 Sailing 50p 1,749,500
2011 Wheelchair Rugby 50p 1,765,500
2011 Hockey 50p 1,773,500
2017 Royal Shield 50p 1,800,000
2017 Sir Isaac Newton 50p 1,801,500
2011 Weightlifting 50p 1,879,500
2011 Cycling 50p 2,090,500
2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p 2,100,000
2011 Fencing 50p 2,115,500
2011 Badminton 50p 2,133,500
2011 Volleyball 50p 2,133,500
2011 Equestrian 50p 2,142,500
2011 Boxing 50p 2,148,500
2011 Boccia 50p 2,166,000
2011 Canoeing 50p 2,166,500
2011 Aquatics 50p 2,179,000
2011 Athletics 50p 2,224,000
2003 Suffragettes 50p 3,124,030
2011 Archery 50p 3,345,500
2011 WWF 50p 3,400,000
2008 Britannia 50p 3,500,000
2018 Tailor of Gloucester 50p 3,900,000
2016 Squirrel Nutkin 50p 5,000,000
1998 NHS 50p 5,001,000
2018 Paddington at the Station 50p 5,001,000
1998 EU 50p 5,043,000
2013 Benjamin Britten 50p 5,300,000
2015 Battle of Britain - 5th Portrait 50p 5,900,000
2018 Paddington at the Palace 50p 5,901,000
2016 Team GB 50p 6,400,000
2014 Glasgow 2014 50p 6,500,000
2016 Battle of Hastings 50p 6,700,000
2016 Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p 6,900,000
2013 Christopher Ironside 50p 7,000,000
2010 Girl Guiding 50p 7,410,090
2007 Scouting Movement 50p 7,710,750
2016 Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle 50p 8,800,000
2018 Representation of the People 50p 9,000,000
2004 Roger Bannister 50p 9,032,500
2017 Tom Kitten 50p 9,500,000
2016 Peter Rabbit 50p 9,700,000
2017 Jeremy Fisher 50p 9,900,000
2006 Victoria Cross - Heroic Acts 50p 10,000,500
2013 Royal Shield 50p 10,301,000
2007 Britannia 50p 11,200,000
2000 Public Libraries Act 50p 11,263,000
2006 Victoria Cross - Award 50p 12,087,000
2005 Dictionary 50p 17,649,000
2017 Peter Rabbit 50p 19,900,000
2015 Royal Shield - 4th Portrait 50p 20,101,000
2008 Dent 50p 22,747,000
2003 Britannia 50p 23,583,000
2002 Britannia 50p 23,907,500
2006 Britannia 50p 24,567,000
1999 Britannia 50p 24,905,000
2017 Benjamin Bunny 50p 25,000,000
2005 Britannia 50p 25,363,500
2000 Britannia 50p 27,915,500
2012 Royal Shield 50p 32,300,030
2004 Britannia 50p 35,315,500
2015 Royal Shield - 5th Portrait 50p 39,300,000
2014 Royal Shield 50p 49,001,000
1998 Britannia 50p 64,306,500
2001 Britannia 50p 84,998,500
1997 Britannia 50p 456,364,100
2019 Royal Shield 50p UNKNOWN
2019 Sherlock Holmes 50p UNKNOWN
2019 Paddington at St Paul's 50p UNKNOWN
2019 Paddington at The Tower of London 50p UNKNOWN
2020 Royal Shield 50p UNKNOWN
2020 Brexit 50p UNKNOWN


Always More To Collect...

This collection encompasses the 50p coins that are still in circulation today. If you would like to explore our list of all the 50p pieces that were circulated before 1997, please click here.

This list also excludes limited edition coins that were never entered into circulation. If you would like to see a list of uncirculated special edition coins, please click here.

Interestingly, the coins within this list can often be broken down further into collections of their own. For example, the wildly popular Beatrix Potter Collection and the slightly more challenging London 2012 Sports Collection. These collections are made up of fewer coins and so, although still a competitive market, these can be easier to complete for beginners. Head back to our Collections Page for more information.

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