2016 UK Coin Fifty Pence (50p) Silver Proof Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit

2016 UK Coin Fifty Pence (50p) Silver Proof Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit

The Peter Rabbit coin is the second in the Royal Mint's Beatrix Potter fifty pence series. This coloured silver proof coin is exceptionally popular with collectors. 


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The story book 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' has sold over 150 million copies worldwide!

The coloured silver proof version has a 'limited presentation' of 15,000 coins. This does not mean that only 15,000 will be minted - it means the amount that will be presented in the Perspex block.

The Royal Mint released a commemorative Peter Rabbit set towards the end of 2016 which contained the coloured proof coin and a book. The issue price for this set was £500.

Mintage for the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p circulation coin that you will find in your change is 9,600,000.

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The obverse shows the new fifth definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by Jody Clark.

The reverse design shows Beatrix Potter's most famous character, Peter Rabbit. It was designed by the Royal Mint engraver, Emma Noble, who has designed the other coins in the series. The silver proof version of the coin incorporates colour printing technology. The reverse design of Peter Rabbit is printed in colour, whereas the uncirculated coin is not. 

Diameter 27.30 mm
Weight 8 g
Denmoination Fifty Pence
Alloy 0.925 Silver Proof
Manufacturer Royal Mint
Mintage  15,000