• 1788 Gold Spain Half Escudo Seville aFine Carlos III 24259
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  • 1788 Gold Spain Half Escudo Seville aFine Carlos III 24258
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  • 1788 Gold Spain Half Escudo Seville aFine Carlos III 24259
  • 1788 Gold Spain Half Escudo Seville aFine Carlos III 24258
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S - Seville

1788 Gold Spain Half Escudo Seville aFine Carlos III

Buy a Carlos III, gold 1/2 escudo coin. This gold coin was minted at the Seville Mint in the year 1788. 

Grade aFine.


(VAT Exempt)

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Escudos are also known as Escudi, and Scudi. The half Escudo gold coins were issued at the Seville and Madrid mints in Spain during the reign of kings Philip V, Ferdinand VI and Charles III between 1738 and 1817.

During the sixteenth century, Spain was the most powerful state in Europe, and therefore the world. It was responsible for opening up much of the new world.

Escudos were a popular coin that was used for trade between many countries. Indeed, as America had no established currency at this time and relied upon foreign gold coins as currency. The Half Escudo, with a value of one dollar, was called the first gold dollar and were classed as legal tender in America until 1857.

Many of these coins were melted down to produce American gold dollars. It is estimated that less than 2% of these Spanish coins still exist so they are a must for coin collectors.

Spain's political power weakened with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and Spain was ruled by France from 1808 to 1814. Spain became a republic in 1873 to 1874, and again in 1931. During the twentieth century Spain was wracked by civil war. The forces of General Franco were victorious, and a greater Spain emerged as a strong modern nation, and is currently an important member of the European Union.


The obverse bears a draped bust of King Charles III facing right with the legend CAROLUS III · D · G 0183 HISP · R


The reverse bears a crowned oval shield within the collar of The Golden Fleece. The S mintmark shows that the coin was minted in Seville.


Diameter 14mm
Weight 1.51g
Fineness 0.875
Actual Gold Weight 0.0424
Mint Seville
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26 June 2018 aFine aFine £121.45
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