• 1788 Gold Spade Guinea George III Fifth Laureate Head Obverse
    Obverse of 1788 Spade Guinea
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  • 1788 Crowned Spade Shield Reverse of Gold Spade Guinea
    Reverse of 1788 Spade Guinea
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  • 1788 Gold Spade Guinea George III Fifth Laureate Head Obverse
  • 1788 Crowned Spade Shield Reverse of Gold Spade Guinea
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1788 Gold Spade Guinea George III

The fifth laureate issue of George III spade guineas is probably the best known, named after their spade shaped shield reverse desgin.

The gold guinea coin features the fith laureate portrait of king George III on the obverse, with the reverse showing the famed spade shaped shield. 

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"Spade" or "Spade Ace" guineas are the most famous version of this well known gold coin, even though they were only issued for thirteen years from 1787 to 1799. Please see our Guinea Story page for a potted history of the guinea.

If it had not been for the "military guinea" issued in 1813 to pay for the campaign against Napoleon, the spade guineas of George III would have been the last guinea issue.
The fifth head issue of George III guineas had a spade shaped shield on their reverse instead of the garnished shields used on previous issues. Because these were virtually the last type of guinea to be issued, they are found more abundantly than the earlier versions. Because of the spade shaped shield they have for a long time been known as "spade guineas" or "spade ace" guineas, the latter because they resemble the ace of spades as usually portrayed on playing cards.

During recent years, they have been getting scarcer, particularly in better grades.

The 1788 Guinea is a particularly sought-after date for Australian numismatists because that year marked the foundation of the first British settlement in Australia in what later became known as New South Wales.


Fifth head of George III, facing right.



Crowned shade shaped shield, with date below.



Diameter 25 to 26 mm.
Weight 8.3500 grams
Alloy 22 carat
Fineness 0.9166
Actual Gold Content 0.2461 ounces.
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