2012 Ten (10) Ounce Silver Coin Koala Bullion

2012 Ten (10) Ounce Silver Coin Koala Bullion

The Australian koala is one of the most popular ten ounce silver coins. This is an investment product.


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Australia first issued a one ounce silver bullion coin, the Kookaburra, in 1990. In 1999, it was decided to issue a silver Chinese Lunar Year series of silver bullion coins, following the success of the gold versions which started in 1996. In 2007, the Perth Mint introduced another new silver bullion coin, which have proved quite popular - Silver Koalas. Initially, these are were only produced in a one ounce version, but other sizes and weights have now been introduced. Koala bears have an image of being cute and cuddly, although we also believe that in common with most other wild animals, they can be fierce when disturbed or provoked. As they are equipped with strong claws, we would not like to upset one!